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buying metal lps

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hey so where do you guys buy your metal/hardcore/etc lps? i guess i'll start listing the good/bad places i've had experience with.

stores (so cal):
amoeba: no introduction needed. huge lp section. decent metal lp section/selection.

second spin:the one by my house just started carrying/buying lps. they don't listen to their used copies so its hit and miss with them. they're cheap though and i got lucky with a really good quality copy of supertramp's "breakfast in america". not so much metal.

20 buck spin: awesome doom label. their selection isn't really big but sometimes they offer like package deals which are really good. they also always throw in a bunch of extras like posters/stickers/etc.

southern lord: they release a lot of really good stuff but i usually purchase their releases from other places because they tend to be pricey.

the end records (omega mailorder):big big selection but they're kind of pricey too. they are also really fast with their delivery for some reason.

robotic empire: huge selection of punk/crust/tech/metal. they also offer deals all the time and their prices are really good.

kreation records: huge selection from like classic metal to obscure hard to find metal. but they are really unreasonable with the prices imo.

temporary residence: they're not metal but i love grails/tarantel/eits/the drift and i think their lps are pretty cheap.

insound: sucks. really expensive. and the 'new' lp i received from them was beat up pretty bad. not to mention a weak metal selection, but they focus on everything.

i can't think of anything else atm....i know most of the online distributors i listed are really just branches of record labels which is why i'm asking for just distributors with a huge selection of new vinyl. if i can remember some more i'll throw them up.
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Aquarius Records: generally a nice selection, must read bi-weekly updates, going to pay full retail. However, shipping is prompt with attentive packaging.

[ Aquarius Records ]

Can't say I care for "the end."
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Here : The Laser's Edge, LLC

It's one of the best online store for Prog-Metal music.
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Awesome thread is awesome, thanks for this guys! Will keep my eye out.
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Originally Posted by pfillion View Post
Here : The Laser's Edge, LLC

It's one of the best online store for Prog-Metal music.
correct me if i'm wrong, but it doesn't look like they carry vinyl...
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Good thread, thanks.

Unfortunately I don't have anything to add.
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Hydrahead Records offers all their records on vinyl:
Hydra Head Shop: Vinyl
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oh yea i forgot about hydra head. i wish they'd re-release their earlier stuff on vinyl.

also, moribund is ok... they're more into like obscure kult black metal.
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Hells Headbangers is also a good stop for some metal vinyl.
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Nuclear War Now! Productions

I havent bought much new vinyl in the past few years, but this label releases some great stuff and has a good stock of underground bands from the past- atomic aggressor, death yell... if you like death/black metal stuff this is a good place.


This place is also reputable. Has tons and tons of stuff. Both of these places are trustworthy with your money.
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I usually look on amazon, but I used to work at a FYE and I was able to order a butt load of vinyl while I was there. If you have one near you check and see if they have any. If they don't try asking the manager if they would get some for you.
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