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Sennheiser USA Is Hiring  

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Sennheiser USA wants your talents! Check out our latest job postings and apply at We look forward to hearing from you.
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Darn, no listings for Industrial Designer.

Anyways, thanks so much for giving a heads up here.

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thanks for the heads-up!
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Ok, can they use a critical care nurse, professional photographer or sales manager? The first two I can currently engaged in and the last I did for some time. I mean who can't use a salesman, right? Oh and I do some electronic design. :^)

I know they can use the talents of Edwood.
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Anything in legal or accounting? I'd apply.

Is there an employee discount?
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I used to be a comptroller. Worked for Globe Supply out of Long Beach Ca. Nah, I don't want to do that any longer. Humm employee discount. . . :^)
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good luck!
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I'm a great advertiser! I can go door to door and try to sell these!
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Doh! They need a network engineer. Now I KNOW there are one or two or four thousand of us pooter nerds running around here...
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I could do repairs, i fix headphones for people all over my neighborhood, its good money. I think i could do it
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I'm certified in Net+ and Security+ and have some knowledge of 2000/2003 Windows server OS (run a 2003 domain controller in my house).

Can't load the site to see WHERE though. I'm in Florida, and am not willing to travel out of state unless I'm not driving.
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Are they looking for someone with a PhD in Electrical Engineering? If so then I might be your gal.
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what about us canadians? can we apply??
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no because we need maple syrup for are pancakes
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