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I think my NE-7m just died

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Just two days ago my NE-7m was working perfectly, but when I put them in my ears to listen to some tunes yesterday, the right channel was completely dead. I think it might be a cable problem, because if I wiggle the right channel back and forth quickly, I hear music through it, but just for a second. I bought it in late June/early July 2009 from Amazon, I can't remember the exact date. Do you think they are still covered by the warranty? Please help.
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Yes, they have a one year warranty, go to nuforces website and file a return request.
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The right channel on mine just died too. I ordered it a less than a year ago as well. I'm filing a return request.
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This is the reason that I refunded mine, one side kept going (every pair that I've had has been unbalanced, however). NuForce support is good though, and will get your replacement to you very quickly
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+1 on right channel going out. It happened a few months ago and they replaced it pretty quick. Unfortunately for me, the pair they sent me also went bad after only a few minutes, and the same with the next set.... It's working now and that's all that matters right?
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Mine just died too left channel. I cant contact them by phone. I filed a ticket but havent received a response. Should I just send them in or wait until they tell me to do so/ send me a package slip?
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