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Favorite Headphones Broke - JVC HA-D700- HELP!

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I am a radio DJ in the Chicago area and the headphones that I have used religiously for 5+ years have finally kicked the bucket. After doing several online searches, calling JVC directly, and talking to audio componant salesmen, I have come here for help and advice.

The prized headphones that I speak of were JVC HA-D700's and have a GREAT, even sound. This model is from 1992 I guess and everyone has told me that I'm beyond out of luck to replace these. So basically I have a couple questions for anyone out there. First, the obvious one. Does anyone know where I would be able to get a replacement set of these great phones? New...used..refurbished..I don't care.

Secondly, if anyone is familiar with this model of headphones, can you reccommend a set with a similar sound, frequency response, etc. in the event that I cannot replace the exact model?

I feel silly posting messages like this and being so damn obsessed with my headphones, but these delivered a reliable, clear sound that made my job so much easier.

Thanks in advance!

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Do you know exactly what broke them?
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Have you got some photos of these phones?
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I have the JVC HA-D990, I don't know how similar if at all they are to what you're looking for. I bought them maybe 7 or 8 years ago, based on Stereophile's rating of class B or C. Let me know if you're interested.
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A google search on JVC HA-D700 leads to the article at headwize by Michael Hoffman entitled "Earbuds, Equalization, and Headphones."


Below is the portion of the article pertaining to the JVC headphones:

JVC HA-D700, 990
I have had the $65-80 700's for several years. They have the best combination of balance and smoothness of any headphones. They are my favorite headphone for flat-eq listening, such as the headphone jack of a home CD deck. They have the most balanced bass vs. mid vs. treble, and sound smooth from each frequency to the next. I don't see them on the JVC web site; only the 990's are there.

The 700's are snug and comfortable. The 990's appear to be the 700's, with packaging that's supposed to be a little nicer. I don't know if the drivers are different.

The 990's, which I have not heard, are $120 (see Jvc.com). They need a slight boost around 13kHz. They are warm and very tube-like without being muddy; they seem to have a medium-width emphasis through the lower mids. The bass is extremely good, strong but not boomy; closed-back but not boxy sounding. I really lucked out when I found these. I still think the Sennheiser 580's and the new high-end super-open Sony's are interesting and I would like a pair, but those are open-back and *must* have treble cut and bass boost.
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Just found an updated version of the article here: http://www.amptone.com/audio/earbud.htm

It has more info on the 700 and also compares it to the 990 and the Denon 950. From the article it sounds like the Denon 950 may be an ok alternative (although less smooth sounding according to him) if you can't find another pair of 700s.

EDIT: Seems you may be able to order replacement parts here -> http://www.jvcservice.com/accweb4/Di...?param=HA-D700(J) but they are quite expensive.
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What do you people think of all the hooplah about EQ on that site anyway?

--the EQ-vangelist

edit: those who have commented on this before and do not feel like making new comments need not apply

Unfortunately that guy *does* seem to be a dum-bass...

The Sennheiser 580s, in comparison, have exagerrated high treble and almost no bass (they sound balanced only after you boost the bass a lot and cut the treble a lot).
The bass--depends on whether you're talking about bass extension, but 'exaggerated high treble'? That flies completely in the face of HeadRoom measurements

I'm surprised that after that he's actually satisfied with earbud bass. Or maybe he doesn't use an amp for the HD580

But I think he's basically right about the uses of EQ.

Sorry to go off topic here
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Feel you pain Mind are duct tape together and still sound good.....The sound is excellent...If anyone finds something that is close...please let me know.....Thanks

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Originally Posted by gator217 View Post

Feel you pain Mind are duct tape together and still sound good.....The sound is excellent...If anyone finds something that is close...please let me know.....Thanks


I am very surprised to find any mention of these cans here due to their age.  I have two pairs of HA-D616's, one i've used for the last 15 years, the other i bought last year brand new in the box (1992 vintage), and a pair of HA-D700's.  I've only recently hung them up in retirement as i got into autophoolery buying Amps and cans. The pair of cans that made me retire them? Alessandro MS1's, recently replaced with the Grado 225i's, and HD650's.


Out of interest i unboxed them for a listen to see what its like going from 225i's/HD650's back to early 90's mid range cans.  To my amazement they still sound fantastic, or is it just familiarity in that they fit like an old shoe?  I think the best way to describe them would be a can thats dead center between a Grado and a Sennheiser.  A little bit of both, but obviously not as good as either, just a happy medium, and very neutral.   ....i still love em :normal_smile :

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