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Queen - A Night at the Opera

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Even though Bohemian Rhapsody has been overplayed to death, and much of Queen is tired for all of us at this point, this album is still fantastic and one of the best of all times.

It gives my volume knob a good workout for sure.
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Well yeah, it was Queen at their quintessential best - big with the balls to never apologize for it, genre spanning with seemly every idea implemented.

I still listen to that album twice a year or more.
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I can't listen to Bohemian Rhapsody on the radio, but through my MS2i's, it never gets old. Freddie sounds brilliant on the whole album, like always I suppose.
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I enjoy this album even to this day. I've never listened much to the radio, and none of my friends play Queen much, so I can't say it gets tired, but also some of my favorite queen songs are absent. Freddie is badass to this day... may he R.I.P.
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This is one of my favorite albums of all time, and probably the least focused album in my library-which is very nice, because it doesn't get old.
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I had actually never listened to this album until maybe 3 days ago. Wow! What a fantastic recording. I haven't heard it through cans yet, I can't wait for my Stax to get here...
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ANATO is a great album, as is Queen's follow-up, A Day At The Races. That said, I end up listening to their precursor, Sheer Heart Attack more than either one of those albums because I feel it is a lot less polished and captures a more natural type of energy while setting the template for these later albums. IMO, ANATO & ADATR don't have a single note that wasn't written down and practiced a thousand times before recording. Sheer Heart Attack just comes off as more organic to me, and it rocks!
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"Queen II" was my entry to Queen.
I still consider it as their best album.
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The only Queen album I ever bought.

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One of my very favorite Queen albums.

Try to find the DCC Gold CD version of this album as remastered by Steve Hoffman for a real audiophile delight.
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I'm not a fan of NatO. Apart from Bohemian Rhapsody, You're my Best Friend, and Love of my Life, it's just a bunch of novelty songs I'll never need to hear again. I think Sheer Heart Attack and Day at the Races are much better albums (probably their best and most consistent in terms of song writing).

(And '39 is just a rip-off of After the Gold Rush, with Major Tom stuck in the middle!)
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Was just listening to Queen and Queen II a few days ago ... it sounded really impressive. Despite listening to Queen since the 80s, and owning the old greatest hits package, I think I shall acquire A Night At The Opera soon.
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While A Night at the Opera was the peak of Queen's bombast, Sheer Heart Attack is the best album they ever did IMO. It had this frenetic, natural feel that really captured their essence. That solo section on "Brighton Rock" is pure win.
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