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Bought a pair of ATH-M50 from him. Great communication and quick shipment. Headphones in excellent condition. Definitely recommend buying from him.
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I bought a pair of AKG K-701s from him at a great price. Communication was outstanding, as were the packaging. When PayPal created a snag - due to the fault of neither party (taking my money but stalling in paying it out), he stood by me, completed the sale without delay and packed an extra Sony headphone into the box (a decent pair, too). This guy is one of those rare finds: a vendor who legendary pride in treating the customer right. I would not hesitate to do additional deals with this vendor, nor would I hesitate to recommend him to others. He rocks!
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Bought his Denon D5000 from him directly. He invited me into his house for a listen from the cold weather and his lovely wife offered me delicious Arabic sweets. He is a genuinely wonderful person and I'm glad I bought the headphones from him.
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I bought a HeadRoom micro DAC from homeros8000. The transaction couldn't have been smoother and I couldn't be more happy with the purchase!. Homeros8000 is a highly recommended seller in my book. Thanks!
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Sold Ahmed a cable for his K702's. Communication and payment were super fast. overall it was a super smooth transaction and i would be happy to deal with him again.

Thanks Ahmed!
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Sold an AKG to homeros8000 in a perfect transaction

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Bought a bunch of classical CD's from Ahmed; everything arrived in fantastic ship and he shipped very quickly.

Highly recommended Head-fier.
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Bought a bunch of great DVDs from Ahmed. Fantastic service. A real pleasure. Prompt shipping. Great condition!
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Bought some v700dj's from him, great price, great shipping loved to do business again!
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Bought his Blackberry. Very well packaged and Blackberry was in great condition with all its accessories. I'm very satisfied and happy with the transaction.


Thanks Ahmed.

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Bought an HD600 from Ahmed and I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. Here's a guy who should open an online store where all Head-'fiers could go to experience perfect sales. I'm hoping to buy from him again, couldn't imagine a better experience. 

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I bought Ahmed's K702's and i couldn't be happier with these cans.  They arrived well packaged and in great shape and sound terrific.  Thanks for a great transaction Ahmed!

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I bought Ahmed's HeadRoom Ultra Micro-DAC. So far this mi best transaction on Head-Fi and eBay. The communication was excellent, the packing job it was great, it was shipped quickly (tracking information was provided). He takes so much care about your input. He is an outstanding seller and I highly recommend him. Thank you!

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Bought three of Ahmed's cables and picked them up at his place. He was very courteous, and prompt, and the cables were in excellent condition. He also gave me a lot of information regarding the cables for the headphones (K702).


I wish you great successes on your exams, and I hope you get back to this hobby once you're done with them =)


Definitely recommended as a seller and knowledgebase!

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Bought some DT150's from Ahmed and it was a perfect transaction. They arrived in the exact condition stated, shipped very fast and communication was great. Thanks!!

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