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AUDIOTRAK MAYA 5.1 MK-II POS SoundCard 5.1-Channel (UK/EU)

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Price £25/€29 inclusive of postage to EU (3 available)

Hey there,

I purchased 3 of these cards around 6 months ago for a project I was undertaking. This project has now ceased and I am looking to sell them to upgrade to a higher end multi out card.

All are in original packaging with driver disks (2 will be copies of original disk).

I purchased them direct from South Korea as they are not available in the EU. Import taxes were incurred on import of around £10/€12, so in total the cards are worth around £37/€42.

Before they go on ebay I thought I would advertise here.

The cards are very good value for money (I posted my impressions here )and were purchased on the basis of the onboard headphone amp, which is decent for the price range.

Here is the link for the manufacturer's technical information:
AUDIOTRAK Products Pages

Thanks for looking and PM me with any questions.
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2 left
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Are you willing to ship outside the U.S. (to Israel)?
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Hi there,

Yes I am happy to ship to Israel.
PM me if you're interested please.

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Is this still available? could u mail to malaysia or pass to my buddy in devon?

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How much do u want for the sound cards i think u said u have 3ea


thanks bob

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