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Well I know some people who choose to be ignorant so that they don't spend a tonne of money. Then again, I know others who say things like, "Well it's all the same - just extra bling for the expensive headphones," as well as, "Oh the iPod has replaced cds and people with cds are just too scared to move on with the times." I come across people who have never considered to upgrade their ibuds as they thought the sound was near optimum.

I'm not exactly sure all this comes from. You'd have to be quite naive to think that there isn't something better out there.

Originally Posted by baka1969 View Post
I've notice that young people strive for mediocrity at everything they do. Putting out 60% effort is good enough. It's a scary thought.

Well seeing that is an indirect reference to what I said in the GPA thread [2 days ago], it's strange that you think I'm a representative sample of 'young people'. You also have to remember that Australia is pretty laid back so to most I'm one of those who 'put the effort in' which in my opinion is quite laughable. I'm not really sure how I can get you to forget that so you can move on with your 100% life. I tried to sleep with 100% effort last night and I'm not sure how that went. Maybe you can give me some of your 100% tips? Maybe I'm an inferior being because I don't put 100% effort into uni? I've pretty much accepted that most people are 'better' than me as they can commit to any task at hand whereas I can only give 100% to personal favs [which includes favourite uni subjects]. Still, my approach to uni isn't something I'm happy about, nor is it the way I approach every single task.

So if you want to keep bringing it up in various threads next week or maybe next month, well I simply do not get it.
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He should have should have said 'most' or 'some', although that's still just an ad populum way of indirectly applying that. Aren't weasel words great?
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Remember, not everyone is a audiophile.. As long as something is playing they don't care.. I think 'sexting' is a more serious problem, hazing, & drinking..
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