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Congratulations to Sandu Vitalie for winning the Sennheiser HD800!

Please PM me or email to info@fmasolutions.com your information:

Full name
Phone Number
Shipping Address, "In care of", etc. - must be in the USA
Billing Address - your actual residence address

Thanks for the great reviews!!

Thanks to everyone that participated and remember that you will continue to accumulate reward points when you submit product reviews. Reward points can be redeemed for gift certificate to be used at Headphone Solutions:

Earn Points for Product Reviews Submitted
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I still cannot believe it...
First reaction: Dancing and jumping on the floor like a wierd crazy shaman

Thank you so much Flavio and Headphone Solutions for doing this, also thank you Head-Fi for this opportunity too. I really dreamed about them last months.
It was an unique and awesome experience for me, because I never won something in my whole life.
As soon as I will recieve them I will post some pictures with my happy face
Cant' wait !
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Congrats Darku. After, what, 10 reviews? You deserved it
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Originally Posted by MrGreen View Post
My psychic powers tell me that Darku will be the winner.

I hope everyone puts up a good fight. Good luck
Somehow I guessed it again.

That's three in a row


By the way, Flavio, the link on headphonesolutions about Darku winning directs to earphonesolutions, when it should direct to headphonesolutions

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Thank you so much guys, actually in the end I wrote 14 reviews
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Congrats again man, baby those cans like it's your life! I know you'll love them!
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Originally Posted by DarKu View Post
Thank you so much guys, actually in the end I wrote 14 reviews
Hey Flavio, is it possible to post a link to the winning review here? It's not clear on your site which of DarKu's actually won, and I wouldn't mind reading it
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congrats man,really happy for you.i would also like very much to read the winning review to know what i did wrong in mine for future prizes
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Originally Posted by Flavio T View Post
Hints for this Contest:
* HINT HINT * The more product reviews you submit for different products you had experience with, the greater are your chances of taking this $1,399 set of headphones to your home sweet home. Remember, you can write one review per product listed on our site.[/SIZE]
Good luck!!
As Flavio hinted us long time ago, I started working on my reviews, I do not think just one of my reviews was the winning one, but all of them as a whole, this is how I understand.
One more week and I will have them home !
Still if you want to read one of my reviews, go to headphonesolutions and select one of these products and read the review: Grado SR-325is, RS-2i, RS-1i, Sennheiser HD600, HD650, HD800, Denon D2000, 5000, 7000, AKG K701, Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 250 Ohm, DT990 Premium 600 Ohm, Tesla T1 and Meier Audio Corda Symphony. (There are some missing characters, I believe this is because of HS firewall or something)
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Congrats Darku - I'm reading some of your reviews right now
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ah, I missed that hint ^^
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