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FREE Sennheiser HD800 Contest - Page 3

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Heya Flavio,

Just posted an HD800 review. It's a fair bit longer than your guidelines, but I can't help waffling on sometimes. Just to be clear, the HD800 I reviewed isn't mine, it's a loaner. So I'm not trying to be greedy and win a second pair

On the off chance that I should win, I can provide a US postal address for them. Entries haven't closed yet have they?

Also, please let me know if I can amend the review to include a photo. I didn't have one at the time of submission, but I have one now
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Entries have not closed

Concise reviews could be advantageous over an extended one... So be aware of it

Ultimately we want reviews that people will read and appreciate. Not too long, not too short.

Check the winner of the previous contest
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You got review
My first time reviewing an amplifier. Wasn't sure how to go about it, so I instead compared three headphone amps I have a moderate amount of or a lot of experience with. Reviewing an amplifier is hard because the differences are quite small compared to headphones

On a semi-related note, you might have an order for 20 or so headphone stands coming around in june-ish (as I've yet to see them in australian stores) so I can spread the love around with my mates at the local headphone forum. Haha

I hope you pack them personally
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dammit Mr.Green! The heavyweight champion just submitted a review!
I am scared about my chances against you now
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Originally Posted by midoo1990 View Post
dammit Mr.Green! The heavyweight champion just submitted a review!
I am scared about my chances against you now
This is my second review for the contest

I might get a third, shorter, review out. But I dont think I have enough time to check out some gear. Maybe though, because college is on a break currently (starving student )

Good luck to everyone as always

edit: Yeah, not going to be able to get it done I think. I'm getting back from a place where theres a grado SR125 on the 10th my time, some time in the morning (probably will be up all night). Doubt I'll have time to do it in time. But I'll submit my thoughts anyway
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Hi Flavio T, I just submitted my review for the Sennheiser HD 238. I hope you received it.
I wanted to change things up a bit and do a different type of review . I hope you like it.
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Posted few reviews for the contest.
Good luck to everyone !
**fingers crossed**
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My psychic powers tell me that Darku will be the winner.

I hope everyone puts up a good fight. Good luck
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Ive never won any of these things ever. I would be suuuper happy if i won
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Originally Posted by donunus View Post
I would be suuuper happy if i won
Same here. I'm currently using a canalphone (ER4S) as my main phone as theres no headphone I can currently afford (uni student, lol) that would satisfy me with regards to resolution and clarity.

Best of luck, sir.
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I wish I would of know of your store, I'm 5 mins away but leaving tomorrow. Would of been nice to come hear a few different headphones.
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Hi Flavio, did you get my review?

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this contest lasts way too long. congrats to the winner.
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who won?
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The announcement hasnt been made (scheduled date is 28th)
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