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More Music Like Metric?

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Metric, the band fronted by Emily Haines, not the measurement system :P
Female vocals, heavy synth, more like "Live It Out" than "Fantasies". I tend to prefer female vocals, but if a male fronted group has a similar feel to Metric, I'd be willing to give them a try too.
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Yeah, Metric is awesome. I have all their music.
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Live It Out is still my favorite Metiric album. I think The Sounds and stuff similar would fit the bill for that album's sound:


While their music was never very synthy or power poppy, I'll say Haines has reminded me of Juliana Hatfield and Liz Phair.
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Broken Social Scene?
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I actually stumbled upon The Sounds awhile back, i'll have another go at it to see if I like it enough to grab an album of theirs. The suggestions in the Sounds thread are veering slightly off course from a "Live It Out" type sound, a softer more rock/indie feel, but still worth a try.

BSS is more your stereotypical indie rock, not something I was really ever into. Kinda bland IMHO, I've always wondered why they have such a huge following.

I've been listening to the tracks that aren't my favourites on "Live It Out" lately, "Empty" and "Hand$hake" are stuck in my head today. Still don't beat "Poster of a Girl", "The Police and the Private", "Patriarch on a Vespa", and "Monster Hospital" . Of course, the order of my favourite tracks does change depending on my mood.
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I've got nuthin', but did you try Last.FM? You can skip the first couple -- people will always assume that another project with Emily Haines will sound like Metric, but personally, I like Metric, but don't 'get' at all Broken Social Scene, I just don't see it. I don't care if she was in both bands. So start with Tegan and Sara and work your way down.

I kind of hear the Feist thing.
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Personally i was going to suggest Feist, i also don't feel much of broken social scene's music.
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Genre called "Soft Rock" maybe?
Maybe even pop rock
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Was into Feist long before I ever discovered Metric, get to see her when she comes to town for the olympics

That Last.fm list is practically my playlist :P Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rilo Kiley, Haines' solo work, and Dragonette are all stuff I already enjoy.

More stuff like Rilo Kiley would be great too.
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You've heard her stuff in Stars and Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, I take it? If not, check them out.
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How about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
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Possibly Pretty Girls Make Graves would appeal?

they are more punk to my ears than Metric which I like. New Romance is their most popular album I think and is very good but I like Good Health most.
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Try these:

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Originally Posted by RedSky0 View Post
Try these:

What program is that? Looks interesting.

Also, you should note that Feist has actually collaborated with BSS several times.
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It's a site called what.cd.
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