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Originally Posted by scottder View Post
Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht is the main piece I know, both Orchestral and Sextet (I think I enjoy the Sextet version a tad better, more personal like the piece itself).

Any thoughts on where to go from here with Schoenberg? I was looking at his Gurrelieder next.

His disciples Webern and Berg are probably more accesible. As for the former, get the excellent Boulez complete works on DG. Hahn's Schoenberg Violin Concerto is also an excellent choice. I tend to lump Schoenberg, Webern, and Berg into one atonal pot, with the odd tonal piece here and there to make things interesting.
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Originally Posted by Lex2 View Post
His disciples Webern and Berg are probably more accesible.
I agree - have you experimented with either of these two? For one disk of Webern get one with his orchestral music on it - its very approachable.

For Berg the obvious point of reference if you like Verkarte Nacht is the Lyric Suite. Orchestrally the Violin Concerto is beautiful, and the Op.6 pieces are atonal Mahler, but much more disturbed and fleeting in their emotions. But you may know this already!
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For Berg, you simply must listen to Wozzek. Staggering. Frightening. Upsetting. The musical style fits the story perfectly. Webern I find much less interesting. Is he writing music or doing math? With some composers I can admire technique if not the music. With Webern, I don't admire either. But Berg...he knew how to bring atonality to fin-de-siecle over-ripe romanticism and weld them together into real, deeply felt music.
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I will certainly check out the Webern and Berg.

Actually I am planning to see the BSO perform Mahler's 4th in February, they are also playign Berg's 3 Pieces for Orchestra as well!
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I picked up a Alban Berg Quartet on the Lyric Suite. Ripping now to put on my iphone.
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I've been putting off getting into Schoenberg for years, and finally the other day I listened to Pierrot Lunaire to get things going.

Well, I can certainly appreciate it more than enjoy the thing. Very interesting musically, and extremely expressive, but I've always thought 12-tone music is somewhat of a dead end.

any suggestions to go from here?
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I'm not much into his native stuff although his orchestration on Brahms's op.25 is among my favorite works ever. Must hear it at least once per week along with original version and it's been like this for years now.
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Originally Posted by scottder View Post
I picked up a Alban Berg Quartet on the Lyric Suite. Ripping now to put on my iphone.
Good choice. If you want some "tonal" relief his transcription of Women, Wine, and Song (Johnn Strauss Jr.) for chamber orchestra is quite good as well. I think the Boston Symphony Chamber Orchestra did a pretty good DG recording of it.
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Berg - Violin Concerto, Orchestral Excerpts from Lulu and Wozzeck (not to mention the operas themselves), Seven Early Songs
Webern - 6 Orchestral Pieces (Good Abbado/Vienna/DG disc of the orchestral works available)
But if you haven't heard Schoenberg's Gurrelieder you must.
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I would go for Pierrot Lunaire as well.
I have the Schaffer/Boulez version and enjoy it a lot ( 'a lot' for a schoenberg piece).
I have tried some others but like this one.
If the voice irritates it but you feel some connection, try an other version. As it is a 'sprechgesang' piece,the version you lsiten to could be anywhere on the scale between sprech and gesang (between talking and singing), therefore leading to quite different interpretations.
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I would second Pelleas et Melisande. I am most familiar with the version from this disk:

(with other works of the same name by different composers -- it's actually a really weird disk, and initially put me off from him by contrasting it against some really traditionally pretty music, but I eventually came around).

...and this:

...which makes much more sense, since it puts him with other members of his school.
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The other recording of P & S that is well worth looking for is Boulez/Chicago on Erato. Brilliant played (is is Chicago) and no one is as good at dlineating the vast number of things going on at the same time. Mehta really brings out its romantic qualities, though.
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