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Edmonton/Alberta Meet MARCH 14th - The Gramophone

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7913 104 Street Northwest
Edmonton, AB T6E 4E1, Canada
(780) 428-2356

Gramophone on google

Now as discussed, we need a decent attendance for this to work out. Please confirm if you're going to attend by the first week of march. Bryan is opening the store up for us (normally closed on sundays), so let's make this beneficial for everyone!

Joelby + guest
Kayito-San + guest
Robin W.
wantmyf1 + guest
tamahome77 + guest
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Barring catastrophe, count me in. It would be my first meet! I've never been to Grammaphone, but you've made me really want to go! Great job bringing this forware! I'm excited for this, can't you tell!!!
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^ Sweet! I'm in the process of sending PMs to all the local head-fiers I know of.
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Great! If it doesn't interfere with work, I'll be able to attend! Thanks~
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It will most likely be on a saturday.
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The Gramophone may be difficult to find for some; Joel and I circled it twice before we eventually zeroed in. It's a little bit out of the way, but it's a nice little nook.

Fig. 1: The Gramophone on a top-down map

Fig. 2: Google street view wasn't very helpful

I hope this helps to those wishing to visit the shop.

You guys!

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Should have mentioned that. That's a sweet map view.
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I'm down as well! As long as I am still in town - thesis defense is imminent - I will be there. Thanks for getting this rolling, Joelby!

Oh yeah: Please put me on the "mailing list", if there is such a thing.
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O.K. i'm in... haven't seen Bryan in ages ... '05 CES?
but if it's weather like this, i'm staying in my shell... lol..
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I'm in sounds like a good place for a meet.
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I'm in. It'll be nice attending a meet as an attendee. I may have some conflicting events scheduled in February, so the sooner you announce the date, the better for me.
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Ya we'll get a date established asap. Which weekend(s) are bad for you?
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OK I just bought a new gas saving little car, I think I am up for a trip to Edmonton in February . I might even be able to be cajoled into taking a person or two with me . OH and I'll be bringing my new HD600 and if I have not sold or traded them off AD900, and my latest IEM CKS70 along with my RWAudio1 amp and whatever the heck else I have bought or traded for by then LOL.
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That's great dweaver. I really look forward to catching up with you. You've been a busy man buying/selling phones I see. What became of the ES7? Didn't cut the mustard?
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LOL the purchase of the CKS70 changed everything. I thought I was a bass light guy until they came along. Once I had them I just didn't want tolisten to most of my gear. I ended up selling the ES7, Klipsch S4i, and my Monster Turbines. I then used that money to pick up a pair of used HD600 which I'm waiting to arrive. It's crazy but a pair AT IEM's may have turned me into a Senn guy LOL. I just had never heard good bass with long enough exposure before. BTW the first thing I thought of when I started to use the CKS70 was man do these remind me of Joelby and RWAudio's Senns! LOL. I'm hoping my memory is correct because I want an open headphone that sounds like these!
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