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Her top speed 35.1 mph.
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Let me say I've never been a fan of little white dogs. For the longest time they never interested me, I was always into muscular specimens. However, something happened about 6 months ago which changed my opinion. A close friend of my Mothers has a little Shisu / Maltese which suffers from separation anxiety, from a young puppy her original owner would leave her on a boat where she'd be left without food, water or company several days at a time.

My Mothers friend decided to look after Penny for several years (Penny is now 12) but since changing his life style cannot tend to her every need. Penny's separation anxiety is quite a complex situation, she cannot be left alone for 1 minute without basically falling to pieces, her little heart pumps, her body temperature rises.

Also getting older now my Mother decided to babysit her from time time to ease the stress, in which I would visit her. As months went on Penny's stayed at my Mothers more than with her owner, so my Mother has in some ways now adopted Penny. When I visit Its nearly impossible not be become attached to her. She's not looking too bad for 12 years old either.


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Damn! How did I miss this thread???


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