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Dino is now healthy again and sharing in my hobby

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Meet KOORA she's been with us for only a month and she's grown bigger ever since. BTW she's a Siberian husky mix with unknow breed.

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Our Maltese after a haircut.



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Koora is so good looking and look at the size of those paws big dog coming.

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Nice looking dogs everyone!  This is my Standard Poodle Sonny!


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Koora looks like one happy pup

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Cool dogs everybody, keep them commin!



Orfeo just turned 9, he´s still pretty fit :D 

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Originally Posted by Terps Fan View Post

Nice looking dogs everyone!  This is my Standard Poodle Sonny!


I like poodles  Very smart dogs, Schopenhauer had one :D

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My goldendoodles.  A few years back.  Fred is chasing Jake.


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Am I doing this right?


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Some of our past babies from Classy Paws Shih Tzus.


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Quinto, those pics are AWESOME !!!

Cool dogs, people!

Here's our Bernese Mountain Dog, Wilson (born on sept. 25 2012 and has been with us since dec. 28 2012). Most recent picture here dates from august, I don't have many pics here at my work station...

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Just stumbled upon this picture again:



Can I have the cookie now? :confused:


He's so cute! :redface:

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