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my buddies patented upside down super dog asleep.

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opps double post
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My poor baby got attacked by another dog on a walk
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Looks like a mean bite frown.gif, get well soon! 

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he is almost back to his old self but a little more timid around Dog's he doesn't know.


Never would guess that the dog that got him was half his size.


14 year old girl walking a rescue on a flexy lead is just a bad mix.


Thanks for the well wishes



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Getting our second dog now a whippet. Will get her in the middle of may. Hard to wait. A little picture from meet with her this weekend.

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great looking hound will be a bundle of fun I'm sure

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Such a great and human thread this is, THX for starting it OPwink.gif


So I remember telling the wife the day she took this shot of Chopper our 4 year old Havanese that he has that classic expression of "Seriously"blink.gif

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Nothing funnier than humiliating animals by dressing them up as people!

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Not my dog (sandy) but a great picture. He likes bubbles.

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Originally Posted by labcoat View Post

My poor baby got attacked by another dog on a walk

Hope your dog gets well soon.

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He is almost back to his normal self but a little heaver and more particularly of his 4 legged friends.


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Our little one recently came down with some duodenal ulcers, but is better now...

Rocky (named after the ice cream, not the boxer, real or fictional) is three and is a voracious face licker.

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