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Sizing up the Pacific .:)



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I want to go rescue a Husky dog, but i spend all my money on headphones blink.gif

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Newfs are phenomenal dogs. Just be sure to walk them frequently and force-down at least 800mg of Co-Q10 daily (past 4yo). My last Newfie lived to 15yo.

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Originally Posted by Astrozombie View Post

I want to go rescue a Husky dog, but i spend all my money on headphones blink.gif

Wow, some poor creature just got put down because of your 'habit'.


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Kenzo and Dustie, the local neighborhood gangsters.




Grandma Ana

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She was an athletic dog, always game and obedient. After 16 yr I had to put her to sleep a few months ago, there a large tumor on the right hind leg. She's always loved other dogs but its interesting that in the last year, she became super attached to the neighborhood dogs. Always searching for them, seeking them out.


In the last month and a half her eyes became slightly brighter, her body a bit more energized, she was more playful than one might expect of a 16 yo dog. The crash came overnight, and I took her to the vet the day after. I was fortunate to have a great vet, and the process went smoothly.








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Jack the 1yr old pure bred pug....showing whose boss lazing around.

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@ pigmode... I am so sorry to hear this news. She was a beautiful dog.

We have lost our fair share and it hurts so very bad... and each time I say 'that's it... no more'. But that doesn't last long and I set myself up for eventual loss once again.


Wishing you peace and solice.



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Thanks Shane. It was difficult but through the last year I treated every day as a possible last, and tried to always be more mindful of her happiness and existence. If she had a medium day, no problem. A good day was a blessing. Reaching a higher level of acceptance, proved to be very helpful in the end.


I've thought about geting another dog, but still undecided. I should probably move into my condo, for which there are rules against dogs. We'll see. Now would be ideal, as I'll be out of work long enough to house train etc.



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I feel you as well pigmode, I have twin lab bitches and one of them, Poncho, was the runt of the litter. She's been trying to go to the big sleep for over a year now, but I have been able to maintain her with a maintenance dose of Prednisone and her quality of life is good. If I try to wean her off of them she stops eating and just won't get up, it's actually pretty amazing how these steroids (cortisone I think) can do this. If her sister Lefty slows down I will have to let them go which is something that I really dread doing. But Lefty seems to have much stronger Qi. They are black lab mixes and are about 11.5 years old which is at the end of that breed's life cycle from what I have been told. There were 15 dogs in their litter, they were the only black ones:














Poncho & Lefty.jpg

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Great pics grokit, hang in there.


In the early days of when my dogs cancer started escalating, she had a hard time until we found the right medication. An anti-inflammatory (now discontinued) named Zubrin proved the most effective. Without it, there was difficulty standing up. With, no problem.


Anyway the experience burned into my psyche the need to take responsibility for assuring quality of life without suffering. That process was also one that added a bit of comfort in the end.



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Thanks pigmode. We tried anti-inflammatory pills with Poncho but they had no effect. The steroids did, the vet prescribed a larger dose that tapered off and had no lasting effect. It was my idea to try a maintenance dose, and she's been okay since. 10mg every other day, if we try every three days she noticeably slows down.

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^ I can relate to your experience. We also tried to taper off doses as well as alternate days, but daily was the only solution that worked. The worry of course was side effects, due to long term use of short term medication. It was fortunate that it worked out.

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Isadora on the left, Luke on the right. Brother and sister :)


and yes..that's a girl in a santa costume lol.



Isadora...she loves to watch the ducks on the lake..wishes she was chasing them am sure :D



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Cute thread.

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