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Panasonic CT-780 or 570 or Sony D-E725?

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Help me pick a pcdp...

I want the best line out, passable headphone out coupled with a linear (uncompressed) antishock mode

All 3 players have linear antishock right?

With the Sony it seems less clear which setting is the linear antishock, G-protection on or off? But *one* of them has got to be linear right?

Can you switch to linear antishock on the 780 manually or does it automatically cut in when you plug something in the line out but can't be enabled when you are using the headphone out? (I will be using a standalone EX70 as well as HD580+Porta Corda...)

People have said good things about the 725's line out--but what about the problem with Sony pcdps picking up radio interference?

On a related note, I suppose it's a bad idea to buy the model that looks like 725 that also has a radio?
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To my knowledge, the 780 doesn't have a linear anti-shock. It has only two positions: on (default) and completely off only when you plug something into the line/optical out.
The Sony's line out is quite good IMO. Tried it through HD600 and X-CanV2 and although not as good as Marantz CD6000OSE (well I didn't expect it to be) it sounds good.
As for the RFI I haven't had any such problem with the 725 so far.
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I have tried the 725 and I have the 780 and I have had the 580, GET THE 725. I use ex-70's usually with it, becuase I try to keep it "portable", but anyway, the out of the 725 I think is pretty good, anyway, the digital out on the 780 sucks the batteries pretty badly, that is, if you have the japanese version, the amercan version sucks, it doesn't even have the digital out. The line out on the 780 turns the antishock to linear, and you can switch it on the 725, I think it is ON with the 725. I can't rembember. My cover on my 780 is about to fall off~!
I am going to try and take it back, but I am not sure if they will accept it, becuase their show case model has a loose cover too~!! although not as bad... I am going to try to get the 725 or the upper end sony model that is good, supposedly. The headphone out on the 725 has deep bass it seems, although the bass boost is practacly not needed.. you have a decent amount without it and it goes pretty deep to my memory. The highs seem to roll off at a high point, but you won't notice with the ex-70's they roll off themselves; the midrange is pretty decent, a little bumped up in the 5k range if I am correct from my memory. The 780's headphone out seems to roll off at deep bass, and is somewhat bright, but has decent midbass, these all seem to amplify when I use my ex-70's, so I recommend that you foam mod them at the least, if you get the 780, but, don't get it~!. The 725 seemed just a small amount larger, but seemed much sturdier and better built..... It also looks pretty cool~! The 780 bends and wobbles and rattles and ya and I swear it is going to go CRUNCH in my pocket one of these days... I have listened to many other sony pcdps, and the 725, is great sounding out of the headphone out in comparison, except my old D-T405, which, I think has the best headphone out of any mid nineties sony, and I have the other sony, the popular cheap in price one with the loud headphone out. But anyway, I think for the new sonys, It has possibly the best sound for it's price range, and has almost no distortion~!!!!!! even with the bass all the way up~ although you don't need the bass boost on. Just get the 725, I need to stop rambling, and remmeber I am relying on memory about the 725, but I still think it is great, and you should get it~! (whew) oh yea, the 780 doesn't have linear through the headphone out....
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On my D-EJ721 (which is a 725 without a remote) the 10-second linear (uncompressed) anti-skip is ALWAYS active (i.e. there are NO compressed or "off" modes offered) - but switching the G-Protection switch on (or off) merely speeds up (or slow down) the laser seek mechanism. But on the 825 and 925, the only way to slow down the laser seek mechanism is to plug something into their line-out/optical-out jacks; the G-Protection switch is marked "1" and "2" instead of "On" and "Off", so that switch toggles between 10-second linear and 40-second compressed modes.
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How do you *know* that, Eagle_Driver?
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From what I had experienced with a D-EJ815 that I used to own, it had no G-Protection switch, so that the linear anti-skip is always enabled - the only way to turn off G-Protection is to plug something into its line/digital-out jack. And I did inspect the 825's and 925's switch, which has no "off" setting per se.
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D-T405 is still for sale actually, but kind of expensive at nearly $200, the price I payed for it.
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