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Flac Conversion to 320kbps mp3?

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Is there are way I can convert all Flac folder to 320kps MP3 that does not use foobar? I would also like the software to be free and work on a windows machine.

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dBPoweramp Music Converter will do the job for you, it has a batch converter which you can leave on the go. The software does cost $20 odd but if you are going to do this one off all in one go then you can download the free trial and that will be fine

I use dBPoweramp for all my ripping and converting.

Please excuse that this is my first post, I only got confirmed as a member today! Now off to post about the potential decisions I've made on an amp & dac from all my lurking!

Best of luck.
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LameDropXPd should do the trick.
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I use the LAME codecs and Exact Audio Copy.
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Please excuse the fact that I just registered, too; I've been lurking Head-Fi for a while now.

If I may shamelessly plug: I wrote a free and open-source program that sounds like it will suit your needs perfectly:
FlacSquisher | Get FlacSquisher at SourceForge.net

Run the program, select MP3 encoding, change the command-line to "-b 320", and you're good to go.

Personally, I rip to FLAC with EAC, and listen to the Flacs when I'm at home, then I use FlacSquisher to convert the Flacs to Oggs so I can listen to them on my Rockbox'd Sansa.

I hope it helps!
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Will it do batch conversions?
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Originally Posted by TheRH View Post
Will it do batch conversions?
Yes, you select a source directory (where your Flacs are), and a destination directory (where you want your Oggs or MP3s to go), and hit the "Encode" button. FlacSquisher will look at every Flac file, see if there's an equivalent Ogg or MP3 that's already been encoded, and encode one if there hasn't been. So the first time you run it, it will encode every file. In my case, when I rip a new CD to my Flac folder, I run FlacSquisher, and only the new files get encoded.
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Why mp3 320? You can encode in AAC 320 at the same file size and with better results.
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I want to 320 M3 due to the face the Sony Walkman's do not accept AAC.
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Wow it tranfers the album art as well, that is amazing.
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Yeah, you can customize that in the Options window, if there's album art in a different format that you want copied over, or if you have other files that you don't want copied over or encoded (cue files, logs, etc).

If you have any feedback on FlacSquisher, feel free to let me know; I'm running out of ideas on how to improve it.
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Neat program!
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Ok UNHchabo, this is The program I have been looking for. Great work, very good work, this program does everything that I have been looking for.
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Glad to hear you like it.
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Now, can some one tell me how to separate my FLAC and MP3 files in Media Monkey? I Want to keep them separate to that I can transfer the MP3's to my Sony Walkman and play the FLAC files on the computer.

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