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One more, they are better every day.
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Gratz on the purchase. They look just stunning. These are definitely on my wishlist, next to the T1.
Do you have an idea of the difference between these and the PS1? I heard the PS1 at a meet and so far the best rock/metal cans i have heard.
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Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
Do you have an idea of the difference between these and the PS1?
Never had the opportunity to try the PS1.
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Like I posted before, these fones are huge; I'm able to see them in my peripheral vision.
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The first thing that comes to mind is "Bring me to your leader"
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Just got mine today #561.

I will post pics soon.

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Here it is!!


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Originally Posted by pasul View Post

Hi all here. I start thinking about Grado GS or PS 1000. If I have chance to listen this headphones, then I dont ask, but in this categories its little problem. Pleas how look difference between this two models? Price I see, but sound and quality? Thanks for info.

IMO, you should go for PS1000 becasue you probably will not need to upgrade later and PS1000 sound good out of everthing while Gs1000 can sound very bright and bassy with some amps&sources.

Both are good headphones but GS1000 are very unique headphones. You have to hear them yourself.


I think PS1000 is a safer choice.

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I sold my gs1000's and rs1's to buy the ps1000's, I have number 591. Like yourself 'freakmax I have the a earmax but the pro version.
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I finally get it now that I've finally got it.

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Pictures of my PS1000's with JMoney v3 headband and black and silver silicone bands to protect the earcups. 


*Pictures taken with my iPhone so not the best of quality.


iphone 020.jpgiphone 022.jpgiphone 023.jpg



PS1000 vs HD800 



iphone 019.jpgiphone 016.jpg

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