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Please add
1. Rooth LAB
LS8 - 8 drivers - 910 $

2. Ambient acoustics (Ukraine)
 АМ1 - 1 driver ( Fixed Cord) - 170 $ (1400UAH )
 АМ1 - 1 driver ( Detachable Cord) - 230 $ (1800UAH)
 АМ2 - 2 drivers ( Fixed Cord) - 320 $ (2500UAH)
 АМ2 - 2 drivers ( Detachable Cord) - 366 $ (2900UAH)

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Westone ES5 $?


Not sure, but I think it has dual low, dual mid, and single high.


Earsonics EM-1 iFI 327 Euros



Great Thread!!!

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Hi, Average_joe is reviewing a custom iem from europe. I forgot the brand though I think its a small german one. oh yes Fab. There also used to be ohr und mohr in Germany. Greetings, Anouk,

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There is no way to cover all manufacturers. They seem to be popping up all over the place. I saw three that I'd never heard of or seen before (and that had questionable company names) at CES and NAMM shows, but still, good list.


@Anouk: that must be Custom Monitors (name is wrong, maybe) from Germany. They are not that small. Quite famous, actually. 

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You should probably list Sensaphonics Japan under "Japan." Same selection of customs as U.S.

(Note: These are affiliated but separate companies.)



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Hi, you should add 1964 ears in the usa, current models are a single, quad triple and dual driver custom iem, they can do silicone and acrylic housings. Their site is www.1964ears.com

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Great thread, perhaps we can add to this with our most up to date line up


Unique Melody

China - www.uniquemelody.org

Australia - www.uniquemelody.com.au

USA - www.custom-iem.com


Merlin - Hyrbid BA/Dynami - $TBA

Miracle - Six Driver ~ $930

Mage - Four Driver ~ $630

Aero - Triple Driver ~ $520

Marvel - Twin Driver ~ $450


Reshelling services


TF10, SE530, SF5Pro, UE700, W3, UM3X and many more + Capacity to add drivers up to an eight driver custom.


*Please note prices vary from dealer to dealer and are at dealer/distributor discretion.


Feel free to email any of us with any enquiries no matter where in the world you are from!

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Denon - Various models


Westone - UM3X

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great idea of a thread! thanks Steph

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thanks for the comprehensive list gs1000.gif

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The list is missing many elements. Quickly, I wanted to add 2 things:


1. Unique Melody has UK part too, which is wonderful European head-fiers which want their CIEMs but don't want to have problems with EU taxes and sending ear impressions to the other side of the world. http://www.uniquemelody.co.uk/

2. Cosmic Ears, http://www.cosmicears.com/ is also a European company (based in Sweden). More info can be found in this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/626714/cosmic-ears-new-ciem-company-with-crazy-low-prices-including-hybrid-designs

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