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So this is the deal.

My order from Amazon won't ship until 17th-18th while I'm really in need a pair to remold to custom so that I'll have a new toy during the trip on 23rd.

Anyone already received a pair that can sell me right now, please let me know. I'll ship my pair back to you right after I receive them. Just want to let this process goes fast so that I can have my remold TF10 on time. If you have an opened one, that's fine too. What I need are only the phones, metal box, and airplane adaptor, you can keep the rest. Since I'll ship a brand-new one back to you, this would be just like a swap. I'm not looking for any offer that is more than 99$+shipping.

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Would it not be better if you got them to ship the earphones direct to Fisher themselves?

Anyway, good luck with your request.
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They won't be able to build a remold in such a short period of time (3 days).
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