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Do you know if Xciter needs the output tubes to be Quad Match? Will you hear any difference if the output tubes are not matched?
Also, do you know if we could use two output tubes let say KT88, and the other two tubes Mullard EL34 hoping to get combined sound characters? or that would damage the Power amp?
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Well, thats not that I can answer, cos I dont own Cary My amp is PrimaLuna, check my sig, and it can take all things you just mentioned. I tried differ types of 6550 all together, but also KT88 with 6550 as well. All this is possible because of auto bias function, no need to worry about matching the valves at all. I would say, send the mail to Cary guys, sure they will give you all answers you need. To tell you the true, I didnt found a huge advantage to mix differ types, especially after I bought NOG GEC KT88, however EL34 still on my wish list.
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my first post here, but i really love Grado, and this is one of the headphone i am eying on.
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The marketing is amazing, a multi thousand dollar OTL amp "voiced" for Grados. I guess that means they turned the NFB up until it could drive them.
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Hey thanks for the impressions jingo, now that dac seems really tempting also.
Maybe someday.
I am really loving the El34 matched xf1 quads with the Mullard 4004.
I went matched because the retailer i bought them from suggested it was the best way to go.
Hey regal, Xciter is SET amp, thats prob why it sounds so good with the Grado's.
Also Denis Had just happened to have GS1000 which he liked and decided to make an amp for these. But im sure they can suit other cans as well.
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Very Nice Review!
Did you try driving the PS1000 with the Lisa? If so how did they sound in comparison?
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Originally Posted by NaturalMusic View Post
Very Nice Review!
Did you try driving the PS1000 with the Lisa? If so how did they sound in comparison?
Ok, I tested PS1000 with Lisa III driven by Xciter DAC, actually it sounds surprisingly good and very musical. I was very shocked with my findings. I think Xciter DAC was the one doing such a remarkable job to Lisa III. I would also recommend Lisa III –Xciter DAC combination with PS1000. Of course it’s really not fair to compare between Lisa and Xciter Cary Integrated Amp being a tube amp.

Lisa III sounded dead in comparison to the Xciter Pair, less extended both top and bottom end. The image was also smaller 2 Dimensional, more metallic, less organic. The Xciter combo was very open, effortless, and dynamic, where Lisa III sounded congested and stuffy in comparison. Xciter combo was also able to throw a wide image from top of your forehead to bottom of your chin and from back of your head to front with excellent separation.

Well if you already own Lisa III, you could buy the Xciter DAC and it should improve the sound significantly, IMO. Then in the future you can always upgrade to the Xciter Amp.

For example: Remembrance – Dave Koz.
With this song using Xciter Combo(Mullard XF2, CV4004), you could actually hear the microdetails of breathing and blowing of the saxophone with ambience echo that’s floating so freely until it gave you goose bump. The decay reverberation sound of the piano played was fantastic and able to grab your emotion.

Lisa III – Xciter DAC – sure it sounds very nice, but I lost the extension, the floats, and the decay which was a bit too abrupt and dead, lacking emotion. But the midrange was still very sweet and pleasant to listen to.

I hope this helps.
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That was really helpful
Did you ever try the PS 1000 with any home tube amp that was priced less than $2K.?(such as a Woo 6 SE, Xan Deux etc.?)
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Unfortunately, I don't therefore my experience is rather limited.
So sorry.
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Very nice writeup. Any update on the amp? I am thinking of getting one.
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