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Weiss DAC1-MK2 in near-mint condition.

Supports up to 24/192 input on both single-wire and dual-wire AES/EBU.

S/N #1075 (made in 2008).

The unit looks brand new except for two small thin scratches on the top which aren't really noticable unless you look for them. The front panel is flawless. I had to open the unit up in order to verify that it supports 192 KHz input on single-wire AES/EBU. As a result, a few of the small hex screws were damaged because of excess tightening from the factory. I will replace these free-of-charge if needed.

The 4th input (toslink) doesn't work (won't lock on input).

The original Weiss manual and rack mounts. US power cord. No original packaging. I will include a custom-made cable for adjusting the internal digital volume control. Be aware that the small volume dial attached to the cable works opposite to a normal volume dial; anti-clockwise is max and clockwise is silent.

I'm looking for SOLD + shipping and payment fees. I will accept wire transfer and PayPal (add 3%).