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Add a Fubar II to your signal with the Cute and you will be surprised. Then swap for the OPA2627 in both units and you will love this combo (from audiophile products no soldering - just plug and play). I use this setup on my home desktop and via my speakers I didnt like the original edginess too much. Then the OPA2627 gave it warmth, smooth it out and improved the sound stage. The Firestone stuff is good for the $$.
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Hello and thanks for reading this reply. Firstly Sorry for replying to an old thread.


 A few members have upgraded the opa2604 found in the firestone fubar 2 with the opa627 and reported a substantial improvement. Does anyone know how this is done as the pin arrangement for the opa627 is very much different from the opa2604.


 Many thanks in advance. John.

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@goodguys, the 627 is single channel, so you need to use two of them on an adapter. This place carries them, and I've bought from them a couple of time without any problems.

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Hmm, I just traded my Lunchbox Pro tube amp for a Cute Beyond, sounds good to me, I use EMU0404 as pure DAC for source, I must have sh*t hearing. :/


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The reason the link doesn't work is because it's almost 3 years old. This thread is 5 years old.

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