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Best sounding Player for PC?

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I'm just wondering what the best sounding player is for Windows 7 out of the following:

VLC Player
KMPlayer (Latest versions seem to be including spyware though)

(Flat EQ)

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I'm a Foobar faithful and have never been disappointed. Added the DVD-A plug-in not long ago, on top of the many components they offer already and have never been happier with any other player.

Don't let the simple touch fool you upon install. It can be tailored in many different ways.

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foobar just for the plugins alone.....not to mention how you can customize it.

the software player has little to do with the sound....unless you using crossfeed plug ins or whatever...its all the format of music...

as long as your playing through the same sound card, its the same.
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Between the three mentioned my vote is for Foobar, but my favorites are cPlay (for Flacs only) and MediaMonkey.
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KMPlayer with relocker, but the only way to find out is to try the players by yourself.

I don't try cMP² but it should be better.
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Foobar2000 is flexible , highly customizable, supports asio and kernel streaming plugins. It is also fast to startup and lighter on system than winamp, which i previously used.

On the laptop i use as a source i have Ubuntu linux installed so i use Rythmbox, which is quite a good player indeed.
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Foobar ftw. I got converted and I have never looked back. The plugins are amazing, especially when you can simulate 5.1 surround.
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I just tried the kmplayer with reclocker and it is excellent. The audio quality is better than any other player ive tried. Only problem with the reclocker is that the music isn't gapless. Another problem that I noticed is that aac/alac files are lower in volume vs flac or mp3
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I really would look no further than Foobar2000...
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I think many go for Winamp as it is the easiest to setup and skin. Both have many plugins and are configurable. Foobar has the widest possible setup ability if you get into the scripting and skinning.

So, depending on what you want Winamp and Foobar
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Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

I went ahead and downloaded foobar2000, seems nice but I can't really say the sound quality is any different than Windows media player or KMPlayer. But still very good.

Only using it on my Laptop so there are no advance functions on the soundcard, I don't think any of those plugins will work on my soundcard.

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KM-Player FTW

You can also use Winamp compatible plugins with it, I personally use Electri-Q for it's parametric equaliser functions for bass management.

Btw guys, what's Reclocker?
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I consider gapless playback of both FLAC and LAME encoded MP3 to be a critical sound quality issue. I won't accept improper gaps added to Pink Floyd album tracks or my classical music tracks. On that basis, I would go with Foobar2000 from the list of players you listed. Foobar does gapless playback properly.

My preferred player though is J River Media Center or J River Media Jukebox. J River does gapless properly (though its not set up to do so by default). The choice between Foobar and J River would be one of user preference for UI, file management philosophy, particular plug-in support, and other user preferences. Both are good choices.
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I like J River Media Jukebox as well - I prefer the UI to foobar and using bitperfect output is a breeze
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I also like J River Media Center the most
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