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Finally picked up the packet from the post office first thing in the morning. I can't believe ( I know many have said this already) how tiny the amp is. The fit and finish is top notch. Kudos to Justin for not compromising on quality to get stuff out quickly. Thanks again Justin for all the hard work you put in getting the amp right. Now it is charging at work. May give it a listen in the afternoon. Also need to break out the ALO audio sony LOD. Has been in the wrapper for more than a month. Also my ES5 may be delivered this wednesday. Christmas has come early smily_headphones1.gif


Update : Posted my initial impression in the Pico Slim thread. here is the link if you are interested :



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Hi Justin,  I'm wondering if pre-order is still available?  If so I'd like one in black, USA, and toss in the micro-USB cable too! 

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Finally received my package. Very good packing by the way Justin No way this thing is gonna get crushed in a normal situation.

I haven't had much time to play with it, but I'll use my time in the plane this weekend to do that. So far I'm enjoying very much what I hear with my pair of T1s. And the Slim itself is gorgeous, already said but worth repeating it I think.


Good luck for the rest of us in line, don't get angry with the wait. Ultimately you will enjoy and forget about it.

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Well, I've had a full day with the Slim and all I can say is "Great job Justin".  I'm of an age that I have first hand knowledge from where have come from in music reproduction and am still in awe that I can carry so much music in my pocket and listen to it with such high quality.  The only down side is that my wallet is really unhappy.


Current portable set up:  UM3x, Classic 160 (2009), Whiplash Audio Twag LOD, and now (drum roll) Pico Slim.


A big

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problem solved....Thanks everyone :P



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Sounds like a problem with the LOD or your iphone dock connector.  You should focus on that and try it with other devices and try another LOD with your iphone to see if your phone connector or your LOD is damaged.  You sure you plugged it in all the way right?

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Yes I plugged it in all the way

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I just received my PURPLE pco slim in the mail.It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.Far......FAR more beautiful in itself than in the pics. And the sound quality is.....oh.....just way solid.Justin, you made one heck of a product here.  It's destined to be in the museum of audiophile world.





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Purple?  lol cool.

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Hey Justin, can we get an update on when the next batch will be shipped? 


And why do I keep dropping on the order.pdf? I should technically have had it by now if I were to keep my original shippingnumber ):

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drop by what?  1, 2?


and i'm working on the next 40 right now

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not sure where I started, but I know I was 296 at one point, then 310 and now 315, but that part didn't worry me too much really, I'm more interested in why it takes so long.

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It would be great if I could get it before Thankgiving atsmile.gif

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the pico slim is a great amp, imo the best amp for the size.

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I don't have much experience with amps, but I'm really loving my Pico Slim.  I've been hooking it up to all my different DAPs and speakers to see what it does.  It has definitely cleaned up the bass a lot, made it a bit tighter than it is through my sound card.  And it is incredibly small, I was truly amazed at how small it is.  I think its worth the wait :)

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