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HeadAmp Pico Slim Amp: Pre-Order Requests

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Update July 28, 2010

Saturday, July 31, will be the last day to post an order request and receive the intro pricing.  The regular price will apply after this date.


Update March 6, 2010
Payment for Pico Slim pre-orders can now be made here: www.headamp.com/order/pico_slim_order.htm

Update February 25, 2010
Finished Pico Slim photos (knob is still missing): http://www.head-fi.org/forums/6432016-post814.html

Update January 22, 2010
If you have made a pre-order request, you can check the status of it here: http://www.headamp.com/PicoSlimPreOrders.pdf

Please use this thread to make pre-ordering requests for the Pico Slim Portable Amp.

For the past several months, a long thread about the upcoming Pico Slim was open. You can read that thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f38/he...lifier-424448/

Here is the deal for the pre-orders:

- Black or silver enclosures
- There is no limit to the # of Pico Slims that will be available at pre-order price, however the first production run is 250 Pico Slims, so if the # ordered happens to exceed that, you may have to wait until more can be built.
- This will include the Pico Slim amp, DC Adapter, and custom leather case.
- The DC Adapter has interchangeable mains plugs. We'll have plugs for North America/Japan, UK, Europe, Australia, China, and Korea. You get 1 plug most suited for your region, extra plugs are $5 each.
- 3 foot Amphenol Micro-USB cables are available for $10 for USB charging. Remember these are NOT the Mini-B cables that you probably already have. The Micro-USB is a newer, much better connector that is the standard now & in the future.

The pre-order special:

- The pre-order pricing will be $349 with a regular price of $399 after that, plus shipping costs.
- To sweeten the deal even more, the first production run of 250 Pico Slims will be unlike the rest. They will have a lifetime warranty AND lifetime free batteries. I don't think anyone has ever made that offer. This special status will also be permanently laser engraved on each of the first 250 Pico Slims.
- After the first production run of 250 the standard 3 year warranty will apply, and you'll still get the pre-order special price, but there may be a wait until more can be built.

How to make a pre-order request:

- Post here asking to be added to the list. Include the following information:
* Color (black or silver)
* Your country
* Optional Micro-B cable for charging (+$10)
- Please make sure your ability to receive Private Messages is enabled and you are receiving EMail notifications of a new PM. I will send a PM when payment is needed.

No payment is needed until the Pico Slims are ready to ship. I expect that will be sometime in January. I'll post updates as I have them.


Leather case for the Pico Slim is finished: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/6272275-post365.html

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Hi Justin:

I'd like to place a pre-order for one black Pico Slim for the USA. I'll also take one of the 3 foot, $10 usb cables.

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I would like to order one.

Color: Black
Country: Norway
One Micro-USB cable
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Micro USB cable

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I'd like to order one in black, with usb cable and UK plug please. Cheers!
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Black with silver knob
Plugs for Singapore (Asia) or UK Plug
With usb cable
Shipping to Singapore
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I will take one.
An additional 3 foot micro usb cable.
Shipping to Germany.
Plug for Germany please.
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Please add me to the list ...
Optional Micro-B cable for charging

Edit: Please remember the conversation we had about a case, thanks again for the preview
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Please reserve one for me:

Micro USB cable
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Micro Cable
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Please add me to the pre-order list:

*Micro USB cable

Thank you.
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Please add me to the pre-order list. In for:
* Black
* Micro-B cable
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I'd like to be on the list:
* Canada
* no USB cable needed
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Hey Justin, I'll like to pre-order one.

Below are the details:

- Black enclosure
- UK plug
- No Micro-B cable needed
- Singapore
- Kindly use USPS Global Priority Flat Rate for shipping

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Hi Justin,

EDIT : In fact I don't need any portable amp, I'm happy with my DAP and customs. Sorry, and good luck for good job.

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