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2 pin connector UE,AE,Westone

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does anyone know where to pick up the 2 pin connector used on the UE,AE, and Westone customs?
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Use "D-sub pins".
I believe no one sell complete dual pins for UE or so on.
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Then shrink them together.

(Pics were taken from here)
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Thanks hydora. A little ebay searching, $7.40 later, I'll have 100 of them to drop all over the floor. Now I just need to find some decent light gauge wire and pick up some viablue 3.5's.
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Slight problem. The diameter of d-sub pins is too large for UE IEM's.

Anyone out there know what pins are used for the TF10 cables?
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Anyone out there know where to find the UE connector pins? I'm going to end up butchering a replacement cable to get the pins to make a custom for myself.
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bumpification in progress
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Try VGA connector pins, worked for me!!
Read here :http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f21/diy-ue-cables-470875/

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How do you guys get proper spacing on the pins?

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Estimate, it's not difficult and the construction has a little wiggle room anyway.

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Originally Posted by ccfoodog View Post





I thought about buying those, but for 13$ a pair shipped I can do some testing with old VGA cables first.

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Who is the seller on ebay that has them? I would like to check it out. Thanks

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The tip with the VGA pins is awesome!!! Now i can finally make new cables for my customs :D

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cos this thread saved me some cash!


I use my customs everyday and dont really look after them, so cables dont seem to last long with me. 


the VGA pin tip worked great on my Earsonics EM3-pros and I'm actually liking the pins more than the originals,.... they're longer meaning they're easier to work with and you can solder more of the cable onto the pin for a stronger bond. 


best of all, vga cables are everywhere, and most pc repair / dollar junk shops have them for, well, a dollar. over 30 pins for a dollar!


this might get me started making my own cables biggrin.gif

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