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Good sounding ear-buds for running.

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Hey guys, just wanted to get an idea of what some good earbuds for running would be. It needs to have good sound, and be easily cleanable. Most importantly, however, is the ability to stay in my ear. It is a must that I can put these things in, and go through my whole run without the buds falling out. I would like to cap the budget at $100, but preferable less. My music choices would be rock, a little rap, and then a lot of random stuff. But I mainly focus on rock (bands like Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Red, Chevelle, etc.) so fast and punchy would be great. Thanks!

Edited to say ear-buds, in case any of you new readers of this thread get confused why people were saying IEMs were bad.
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Do you run outside? Then all IEM's are a no-no. I use the KSC75.

But otherwise, I wouldn't know.
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Meelectronics Ai-M6 were pretty much made for active use. If you don't remove the memory wire they stay in your ears like they belong there and are mostly unaffected by microphonics or wind noise. Much cheaper than your price cap but at least you won't feel bad if they get destroyed.
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The problem I've had with IEMs and running are twofold:

Impact sound.

Microphonics is pretty self-explanatory, and I can typically get rid of microphonics by wrapping the cord around my ears. I wear glasses, so it's pretty easy for the cord to stay in place.

Impact sound is another issue. When my heel hits the pavement, I can actually hear the sound of the impact in my ears. It's loud and bassy, and only exists when I have a good seal.

I know it sounds wierd, but typically earbuds are a better option while running, but if you are looking for something really inexpensive and might work well for you, I liked (and still like) running with the Zune Premium headphones. Not the most analytic sound, but I was able to find ways to reduce microphonics and impact. That and they're typically 20-30 dollars.
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Ohh okay. So I guess I am wanting ear-buds rather than IEMs then, huh? What kind of ear-buds would fit within what I asked for? Thanks guys!
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Yuin PK2s or PK3s would probably suit then.
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Originally Posted by DavidMorton View Post
The problem I've had with IEMs and running are twofold:

Impact sound.
That really, really depends on the particular IEMs. Some are far, far worse than others. I do not have the above problems with Meelectonics Ai-M6 or I wouldn't have mentioned them. Same goes for the Soundmagic PL30 which are my main active IEMs.
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Are we talking about actual earbuds, the kind that sit in that little fold in the ear?
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Yeah, that is what we are talking about. Or some IEMs if they don't give feedback from running. I just want something that isn't a pain to put in, stays in, and sounds decent.
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What is the difference between the PK2 and the PK3 soundwise?
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I've found the Klipsch custom series (I have the 1s) to be the best in terms of not falling out of your ears. Sound qualify is good enough (though not amazing). They are pretty much the only thing I have tried that actually stays put. Frankly, the isolation isn't that great, so I can still hear things going on around me.

They were $40 at Tigerdirect when I bought them, so not too expensive. If you are looking for the audiophile running experience, there is always the custom 3s.
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you might want to check out the westone lineup, i run with my um3x's and run long distances, these are the first IEMS i can run with, without having to mess with them. The wires dont really have microphonics, they stay in my ear no matter what thanks to their great fit. They have a UM1 you can prob find under 100 bucks, they do have a new Westone 1 that is around 140 but not sure if the fit is as good as the UM line.
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Yuin Pk3 will keep you happy. Mine give me plenty of good sound with no fuss. You can wear them and still hear important sounds like cars coming up on you.
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listening to my yuin pk3's right now, I think if you get them you'll give up on all that running jazz and just melt into the couch
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hmm i run in my IE6's , i dont really notice the microphonics and feet impact noises too much to be honest. But having said that i don't really concentrate too much on the music when i run.
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