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The Ultimate MC/MM phono stage, F-117, Nighthawk...  

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We call it the giant killer, as there is nothing small about it, beside the size, when it comes to the quality of the sound it produces. Lithium Ion powered, with amazing play back time. Around six days of play back @ 8 hours per day from a single charge, with a sound to die for. It drives all cartridges from the lowest gain to the highest ones, MC & MM. Gain range from 40db-75db in six increments. The load is 30 Ohms-47K. The Nighthawk is absolutely noiseless at the highest gain. Here are some pictures of the first two units ever made and we are hoping to get the chassis by the end of the year.

Our main aim is to put this high end phono stage in every head-fier's home so you will truly enjoy your vinyl. The price is going to be so affordable that the F-117 Nighthawk will set new standards in the phono stages industry when it comes to sound quality/price ratio. We have compared this little baby with thousands of dollars phono stages using HRX turn table with Shelter X90 cartridge & the results were amazing.

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Wow! Looks really great!

Too bad I already bought an integrated amp with phono stage already (Rega Brio)
Maybe in in the future!
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I have not heard the final version in a case but the stand alone board has always sounded very good at the after Head-Fi meet listening sessions at Ray home. The adjustable external gain control for each channel is something that to me will be fantastic. My current phono stage only has a MC or MM and it is inside with dip switches. I recently purchased a new lower voltage MC cartridge (Benz LP-S) and this gain control would be a great addition to control the output. I can't wait to hear the final version of this and hope the price will be affordable.
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I'm ready for mine
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Looks very good, but what I really want is a unit that can take inputs from 2 turntables as I have one with a MC and one with a MM cartridge.
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I'm in.
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And I've just been looking for a new phono stage.
Based on my experience with the excellent Shadow I am in in spades !
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Originally Posted by shaizada View Post
I'm in.
What phono-stage do you have today?
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Einstein "Turntables Choice" Phono

Love it to death!
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Can we have a clue about what the price range will be? Thanks!
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Audio Addict and Headphone Addict....mentally for some reason I always mix you guys up! hehe
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Beautiful amp named after a beautiful plane, depending on price point this might be the push I need to get into vinyl.

Nice work Ray.
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Looks very nice indeed! Small size, and with the benefit of battery operation.
If I only had a vinyl player.. he he
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Ray designs some damned fine looking equipment.
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F-117, Nighthawk, MC/MM Phono stage...

We are inviting every head-fier to own one of the best phono stages ever designed by RSA for a price that is so tempting, specially when you realize how expensive phono stages are, yet don't have the flexibility of this phono stage, when it comes to adjusting the load or the gain on the fly while you are listening to you vinyl.
The Into price for the Nighthawk is $650.00 ONLY. If you are looking into buying a phono stage for your existing rig or building your new vinyl rig, I would highly recommend this piece of art, it will put the biggest smile on your face. I use it with my $10,000.00 VPI HRX turn table & $4,000.00 Shelter cartridge. The F-117 even though being so little, as it is dwarfed by the size of the HRX, it Holds it's own & demands respect when it plays with the big boys.
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