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Everytime I've overindulged in music over the course of my life I've run into ear problems - pain, hearing loss, tinitus. My ears are permanently sensitized and I have to be very careful with them. Can't take loud music for more than a few minutes. Then they need a few days rest.
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I wonder if an ear cleaning would be covered by my insurance? I should call and find out, as I've already met my deductible (yay kidney stone!). Maybe we can sneak some molds in there for a reshelling of my TF10s while we're at it.
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I've had permanent tinnitus for a couple months now, with only slightly poorer hearing in 8-9k. I've given up on headphones since they aggravate my tinnitus, but its probably just a mental thing, although I did find that closed headphones make the tinnitus appear to be louder because it blocks outside sounds and IEMs aggravate my TMJ. Most people here want completely silent PCs when listening to music, but I couldn't live without my clocks, pc fans, and air purifier in my room.

Like others have said, it could either be from allergies, TMJ, or loud noise. Some things that come to mind are those stupid "pep rallies" I used to have to go to during high school well over 100 db with the insanely loud music and high school kids screaming at the top of their lungs in a tiny reflections-galore basketball arena, operating chainsaws, lawnmowers, etc. as a kid without knowing to use ear protection, and accidentally listening to IEMs with the volume on full blast.

Last few times I went to the ENT I forgot to mention about ear cleaning, I assume he did not think my ears were in need of cleaning, but I want to try and get it done anyways. Is it completely safe?
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Turns out the hpa i was using had the imbalance and not my ears.!!1
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Is there somewhere online you can take a hearing test?
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Originally Posted by taiyoyuden View Post
Is there somewhere online you can take a hearing test?
You can search google to find most of them. This one is unique among those freely available and seems pretty good for a general idea:

Equal loudness contours and audiometry - Test your own hearing
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I don't know how reliable those "digital" tests are, but i get very good results, i can hear up to 20Khz for sure...real life confirms that, as i frequently hear sounds that almost nobody, even of my same age ( i'm 19 ) would.

50% of the time needed for daily commuting is spent finding a train car where i don't hear those damn high pitched whines coming from...i've yet to discover what.

Apparently nobody else finds that sound annoying or even perceives it. Something similar happens whit high frequency hum coming from laptop power supplies or similar devices.
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I honestly don't know, all I know is my ears are extremely sensitive to the higher pitch of the spectrum. I can pick up deficiencies like a high pitch whine coming from the TV that no one else seemed to be bothered by.

I have a problem with the lower end though, not so much musical or "sound" wise I can pick them up without effort. Its actually.... too relaxing. I find myself spacing out when I hear people of the lower pitch often forcing me to misinterpret what they say because I wasn't playing attention.
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Max is 16k in both ears. I'm shattered. I can hear lower bass in my right ear than the left.

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I've had tinnitus for 3 years or so. It's mostly in my right ear and sounds like a 15kHz test tone. Everything above 14.5kHz is gone in both ears. It hasn't been fun as I'm a nut for sound stage width, depth, and height, and most of that information is contained in those upper registers. I also have increased sensitivity to loud noises - I pretty much can't handle anything above 90dB.

Due to this, I've switched from loudspeakers to headphones. Headphones don't create a sound stage like speakers, so I don't feel bad about not being able to hear it. I've learned to appreciate other aspects of music like natural timbre, detail, and imaging, which good headphones excel at, and only the very best loudspeakers can match.

If you want to test your hearing range, you can download a demo of a program called NCH Tone Generator that will let you test any frequency you want in increments of 1Hz.
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Originally Posted by MomijiTMO View Post
Max is 16k in both ears. I'm shattered. I can hear lower bass in my right ear than the left.

how old are you btw momiji
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25 hertz to 19 kilohertz. I have perfectly normal hearing even though sometime around 3rd grade, a soccer ball smashed on my ear and made my ear rang for 2 days. Im 14 years old btw.
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I have a sort of dead spot in the ~15-19kHz range where I cannot distinguish the sound from my tinnitus but I can clearly make out 20kHz. I've had consistent, permanent tinnitus in that range for at least 8 years now. It doesn't affect listening, but I have always been sensitive to high frequencies so it is terribly annoying when my attention catches it. I had to keep turning down the sound on the that youtube link as the frequency rose - it kept getting more and more painful towards the end.
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won't the youtube link be useless as it uses mp3 compression for the sound, thus no real high frequencies? for some reason that other link, when i played the highest frequency, produced a lower frequency than the 12khz :P
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Bump coz I can Here are my results with Zero DAC>MAD Ear+ HD>ALO-780

I have terrible hearing I think I swear I heard the high freq, but it was just my ears ringing, then I really swear I heard it, so I just stopped where I thought I actually heard the tone BTW my ears are ringing because I have a dental appliance fixed and it moves my jaw, thus creating some hearing problems
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