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Virtual US Postal Addresses

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from the responses in my Superfi thread it seems people are not aware of companies that provide virtual US postal addresses.

I've used Singapore's Vpost for years to ship stuff Amazon, Ebay or other US based merchants won't ship outside of US - Vpost gives me a virtual US address, my item gets shipped there and Vpost sends it to Singapore (or Malaysia).

VPost only operates in South-east Asia, but there are other companies providing the same service that will ship almost anywhere

Mail Forwarding of American Products for International Delivery
MyUS - US Mail Forwarding, Worldwide Shipping

you'll probably find more on Google...
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Thanks for that info.
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As always though, do your research before choosing a service. I've known some people who've been burned going through those.
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Thanks for the links. Sure can come handy some day...
Several of my friends have used JetCarrier and seem to be well pleased with their service as well.
JetCarrier, Air and Sea freight forwarding from USA to Norway, Sweden & Denmark. Est. year 2000, more than 45000 customers cant be wrong!
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I know borderlinx are OK - they are a Citibank outfit, I think

and vPost belongs to Singapore Post so they are solid as well.

having said that it, doesn't mean people have not had problems with either...
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How's Vpost Singapore? Are they reliable? Do you recommend them? I did some Google search regarding Vpost Singapore and got scary results about lost packages, packages delivered to wrong address, slow delivery, etc. etc.


I'm residing in Singapore and I want to ship a headphone from Amazon to Singapore as Amazon won't ship here.

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what happens if you need to send back items with defects you shipped with vpost ? do you forward it back to the merchant yourself at your own cost ?? 

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