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Mar. 10 - Message from Rick's family re: Best Wishes And Prayers For A Friend In A Fight: rickcr42

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2010-03-13 UPDATE: We received a message from Rick's family that he passed away peacefully in his sleep last Thursday. Rest in peace, Rick. And to his family and friends go the condolences of many in this community.

I couldn't have said it better than scrypt (Rob), when he posted this about Rick:
Originally Posted by scrypt View Post

Cantankerous, boisterous, looming and alive, Rick's presence on boards like this will long survive him. His words are the charged chalk outline of his capacious commitment: to music, DIY and friendships as tempestuous as love affairs. His quirks and quick-tempered passions live on in threads chain-stitched by his generosity and breathless thought. Head-fi and other forums continue to conjure his presence.

May our good friend linger by his loved ones' side as long as he's needed. If there is a heaven, and the light is kind, may his gruff wit engage us in warm conversations to come.

Ave atque salve.
EDIT: Sadly, on March 10 we received the following message from Rick's family:

My family just wanted to thank all of you for your generosity. I believe knowing how many people out there cared for him helped him last as long as he has. Doctors say he is not making the weekend. This email is being sent now because we didn't want to forget to thank all of you while everything is getting hectic. Again thank you all you all made his last few months more comfortable.

The Creamer family
DECEMBER 23, 2009 UPDATE: I posted an update, including the PayPal address for Rick's son (Allan), where we can reach out to help them in these difficult times. That post can be found by clicking here. Their PayPal address is casperamst@yahoo.com

I believe the first time I ever interacted with rickcr42 was at HeadWize, probably close to 10 years ago. I think one of the first things he told me was something akin to, uh, buzz off--only not so much "buzz" as, well...you know. We have little in common. He a seasoned, talented DIY'er, whereas I couldn't DIY my way out of a rice paper bag. He's tall, I'm not. He's a tough guy, I'm a geek. Still, I consider Rick one of my long-time online friends--someone I've never met in person (but have talked to on the phone on occasions), and yet someone who was always loyal and true, even when we often didn't agree on things.

Rick was one of the first moderators at Head-Fi.org, his moderating emphasis being--no big surprise--the DIY Forum. I know some of you have had differences with our forthright friend, just as I have. But countless more of us have benefited from Rick's contributions to our community here, especially in DIY--including even those who had a bone to pick at one time or another with Rick, easily one of the most outspoken moderators we've ever had on the team.

Well, as it turns out, Rick has come on hard times, confronted with a grueling fight, the kind not even someone as tough as Rick would ever wish for. Getting right to the nuts and bolts of it, my friend Rick has enough cancer in 'im to make for a harrowing road ahead. He is in pain the likes of which most of us will likely (and hopefully) never feel. He was given a prognosis of two months without aggressive treatment, and up to a year with it. Not surprisingly, Rick fully intends to shoot for the latter, and then some.

What Rick has is small cell lung cancer that has worked its way to other parts of his body; and, for now, that's all I'll say about the enemy. (I will provide more specific details about it as I get them from Rick, knowing that this big, diverse group of ours may have words of valuable experience to offer Rick in this fight.)

I want to make something clear: Rick doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for him. He is more worried about his family than he is about himself. And I know Rick would also want to make something else clear: This is no time for a eulogy, it's time for a fight. And those of us who know him know it doesn't take much coaxing to draw him into one of those.

I asked Rick if I could tell the community what's going on, and he said yes. Tough though he is, Rick's not one to turn away the good wishes and prayers of those who are willing to offer them, especially not now.

When we talked about the online-based arguments and differences he had with some in the community, we both chuckled, Rick stating the obvious, which is that all of that was small beans--and I know, in light of what he's going through, he'd welcome and hope for the positive thoughts and prayers from even those he had the most heated online battles with.

So please, everyone, turn some positive energy, thoughts, and prayers Rick's way. I know he'd very much appreciate that from anyone who can offer that much to him sincerely.

I'll post later with other ways we may be able to reach out to help Rick and his family.
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Will do Jude! Thanks for notifying us.
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Prayers and luck be with you Rick.
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I don't know the history of why Rick left Headfi but I've read many of his posts here and at rockgrotto and learned so much from his acerbic but brilliant writing and viewpoints.

On a personal level, can only offer my best wishes to him and his family
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I don't really remember Rick and it doesn't really matter. I can only wish the best of luck, love and strength to you and your family.
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When I was a newbie I remember reading posts by rickcr42 with admiration and awe. I was impressed by the depth of understanding exhibited. These acts of sharing one's knowledge not only allow the rest of us to depend on your opinion without fully understanding the underlying thinking, they promote the norm of working for the common good among the head-fi community. Thank you.

The circumstances Jude describes sound pretty dire. I want to say to you, as someone else confronting their own mortality, that there is lemonade to be made here. I trust you are plugged in to the appropriate support networks, electronic and otherwise. They can help.

I wish you nothing but the best.

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I hope he kicks it's ass, best wishes to Rick and his family.
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best wishes in fighting this fight...let's defeat this bastard!
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He is crazy in the best way.

No doubt he is a fighter. He'll beat it. Best of wishes, Rick.
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My best wishes to you Rick!
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Never "met the man, but best wishes, Rick! It's good that you're a fighter because it's been suggested that positive thoughts and a fighting attitude can actually help your body rid itself of cancer. Seriously, forget the timeline that the doctor gave you, you can fight this!
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Ouch. Fight it out, man
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I've never met you RIck, but I'm sure in one way or another your contribution in this community have benefitted me. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm sure this is the toughest fight of your life, so good luck!
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A friend of head-fi is a friend of mine. Good luck, Rick.
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RICK, Please take these words as ammunition against your bodies enemies, I did! "What Cancer Can't Do" Cancer is so limited.....It cannot cripple LOVE, It cannot shatter Hope, It cannot corrode Faith, It cannot eat away Peace, It cannot destroy Confidence, It cannot kill Friendship, It cannot shut out Memories, It cannot silence Courage, It cannot invade the Soul, It cannot reduce eternal Life, It cannot quench the Spirit. It cannot lessen the power of Resurrection! PEACE, duke
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