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Audio Technica ATH-ANC7b Noise Cancelling Headphones?

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How are these? My dad say's he's interested in some for his freaquent business trips, he listens to some of the same genres I do, (Pop, R&B, Rock, Classical) just alot more classical I guess. Anyway, he would be using them on the plane and I wanted to see what noise cancelling headphones would be the best for him.

I've been looking at reviews for these, and some are good some are bad, but none of them ever really say the same thing. (Some say the sound leakage is bad, some say its not even there)

Anyway, I would appreciate if someone would give me their opinion on these cans for me
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Hello, Mr. "I won't post until impressions" guy.

I personally don't like NC headphones. IEM's work better for me.
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Lol, I meant I wouldn't ask anymore for MY headphone choice. I already chose the SRH840's , But it will be a few weeks till they arrive. I'm just helping my dad find some good phones for his trips.

Im not sure if he likes IEM's, he's in Toronto right now so it's too late for me to ask him, I'll call him tomorow and see.
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Okay, he says he doesnt like the style that goes in your ears, and he prefers the kind that go over. (Full size) So what would be best?
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I have the ATH-ANC7 and after 100-200 hours of burn-in they sound pretty decent. The sound will kill my old Bose QC and QC2 headphones that are long gone. They are good for when you don't want to plug up your ears with IEM, and if you want to hear people talking if needed like when the flight attendant is trying to get your attention on the plane. They do a good job of eliminating the plane engine roar or even the noise from a window mounted air conditioning unit or a car on the highway.
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I've had the opposite experience with my ANC7s. With noise cancelling active (i.e.: when on a plane), I prefer the sound of the QC2s and I think the noise cancellation of the QC2s is a bit better too. But if you're looking for headphones that will be useful on and off the plane, the ANC7s are probably more well rounded. I agree that IEM provide the best noise cancellation but for long-haul flights where they'll be used for > 10 hours at a time, I find the over the head 'phones more comfortable.
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You might could try D1001's, they are pretty good at canceling.
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I really enjoy the ANC7's, they are very good on planes and have sound that is worthwhile for the money even aside from the noise canceling.
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I don't use my ANC7 much these days, preferring IEMs instead. But I did like it better sonically than the QC2 and QC3 I sampled. Isolation-wise, I think the Bose sets might've done a slightly better job, but I simply couldn't tolerate their SQ.
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Received a pair for Xmas! Would prefer IEMs in general, but since I have had some outer ear problems (skin allergy), wouldn't be using IEMs for some time . Will give the ATH-ANC7 a trial when going out tomorrow!
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The ANC7 is (besides the 900TI) the only AT I like. The newer "b" version is said to be a bit optimized in the treble section, but nothing spectacular.

Ideal for those who can't or won't use IEMs, isolation is really impressive.
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ha ha I thought the ANC7b stood for black version of the phones! Silly me.

Yes. isolation seems impressive - even with noise cancellation off the it cuts out quite a lot of noise, although the sound coming out is really awful when it is switched off. Currently giving it a good run in.
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I don't know, mine was a guess either. I know a new version was released last autumn, but I don't know the exact nomenclature...
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Has anyone upgraded to anc7b from the non-b model? I was curious about impressions. It seems the b was partially spawned from a settlement with bose over noise cancellation patents bose is holding.

My anc7's finally broke after i dropped them for the 100th time, I'm thinking maybe I should get the older model while they are still available.
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So just for the record: I managed to try both versions out side by side. The anc7b is a little larger but felt a little lighter and less dense in some way, less compacted. I thought both the noise isolation and sound quality were slightly better in the original anc7. I could be very biased though, since I have been using the older model for the better part of two years.

I also managed to superglue them back together for now
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