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Anyone switch from MDR-V6 to HD25-1 ii?

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I'm considering switching from the Sonys to the Sennheisers for when I go to a cafe and want to listen to music while using my laptop. I've read that the Senns have excellent isolation, which I'd like, but I'm also hoping they'd be a bit more involving than the rather pleasant but somewhat-sterile Sonys. Any thoughts on that?

I listen to rock, jazz and classical. Soundstage doesn't matter to me all that much - but I would like good isolation, instrument separation/detail, and a bit of involvement. I've had HD600s and K701s in the past - I'm not expecting something on par - just something that improves upon the Sonys in these areas and doesn't look to ridiculously huge on my noggin. Thanks!
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I had the Sony 7506...which are very similar to the MDR-V6. When I upgraded to the HD 25 I II, I immediately downgraded the Sony's to grass mowing cans... and then sold them to a friend.
Isolation is awesome, detail, bass, is all there for closed portables. They rock. You won't be disappointed.
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That sounds promising - thanks!
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Made this exact switch a while ago. After a few hours with the HD25-1IIs, I gave the V6s to a family friend and never looked back. The Senns are incredibly versatile and they go everywhere I go.
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funny... cause I haven't found any good reviews of the HD25 II...

any links?
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Please disregard my last post, it was... incorrect...
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Here is the first one I found after using the "Search" feature.
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Alright...this was the convincing I needed. Thanks a bunch for posting - it's good to hear from people with the actual experience of switching between one and the other.

Now I just have to raise money for the switch. The options are:

1. Sell my D2000 (it has minor cosmetic cord fray - which may make it harder to sell), because I want something right now that is also good for portable listening, or
2. Sell a kidney, thereby allowing me to buy the HD25s, get a USB DAC/amp for the D2000s, and pay off a good chunk of student loans (my kidneys have no fraying that I'm aware of).

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HD-25s are mazin!!!

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