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Grado PS1000 Owner's List

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Hi all,

I hope I'm not starting a redundant thread, but I would like to start a list of PS1000 owners (I'm really curious to know just how many of these phones are out there by now). If anyone would like to provide any comments in addition, such as "worked great from the start" etc., please feel free to do so.

Mine is serial number 261 and, aside from some very minor black spots, my phones have looked and worked great from the get go.

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I'll be in the next few days! Maybe even tomorrow, as I'll receive my trial pair before my purchase pair.

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Yo!! Mine is #371. The condition is great from the start. Working perfectly from the day i got it. Love this phone All the other cans are gathering dust at home now.. ( sad.. but inevitable :P)
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I received my PS1000's from one of the early production runs. Preordered upon initial announcement back in March, received them sometime in June.

All has been fantastic from the beginning, no reliability issues or cosmetic defects to report, though I must admit that some of the one's I have seen posted here really should not have gotten out of final QC.

With that being said I was really excited about this design from the start, of course Zanth's very thorough and positive review didn't hurt! But I was upgrading from a pair of GS1000 that I owned for about a year and have owned numerous other Grado's in the past.

I always dreamed in my mind of the sound of the RS325i somehow comingulating with that of the GS1000. I suppose the closest to that ideal was my brief exposure to a pair of PS1's. But even then it wasn't quite there, how to get the textural sound of the wood-boodied Grado's with what I felt to me the more "neutral" signature of their metal phones.

Without sounding too much like a fanboy I must say that the PS1000's have really achieved this elusive goal. Now I will say the heavier weight was a bit disconcerting at first but once adjusted properly I am not really aware of their presence, even listening for long hours.

Yes they do like a good amp but I find them very involving even being driven by the headphone out of my laptop. But anything you can do to improve things upstream such as good recordings, proper DAC and amp will pay off greatly.

No they ain't cheap, but in a relative sense to some other crazy audiophile tweaks and accessories that cost far more I find they do represent good value for the performance they deliver.
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Vinyl, very cool. I never heard the PS-1s before but it sounds like there's no pressing need to based on your description. Gotta love it! What"s the serial number on your PS1000?

I forgot to mention that mine have a matte finish. I read that some PS1000s have a shiny finish. I wonder whether those were the earlier numbers?
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I will have to check my Serial No. but I know it is in the #140's.

As far as the finish I would have to say more matte than shiny but upon closer inspection I guess they are somewhere in between.

For those that dig the Beatles try the new Mono Sgt. Pepper through these with the right set-up, it is better than any ride at Disneyland!
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Does the P in PS 1000 stand for pretentious or is this just the invention someone who wants to belong to a very important party of VIP's.

This thread is really special. lol

When does the Rolls Royce owners thread open up?

All that aside I bet those headphones sound great.

Woops edited to say I just noticed the 325 is a headphone, I thought it was like a BMW or something lmao, my bad man! I take back my snide remark on that lol!!
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Proud owner of #239 here. Got them used from head-fier in NZ. Recabled with Moon Audio Black Dragon. Finish on mine is good but not perfect. Have a few tiny black speck (you have to look for them). They have a matt to satin finish.

Sonically I love them. I listen to them every night before sleep and lately they make my Rush - Caress of Steel album sound incredible.

They look exactly like these but a little more matt finish
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Thanks Wolf - do you have them with the Black Dragons? Have you heard them with stock cables vs. the BD? If so, what do you think?
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Got mine.

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Cool, Pincher! What's their serial number? I think you said they're demos? Does that mean you'll have to give 'em back, or are you gonna keep 'em?
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Originally Posted by 563 View Post
Cool, Pincher! What's their serial number? I think you said they're demos? Does that mean you'll have to give 'em back, or are you gonna keep 'em?
My local dealer gave them to me to break-in, they will be the store's demo pair. I'll order mine in a week or so, or I might tell the store I'll keep them and they can order another pair and break them in themselves! I can't give them up, the sound is just mind blowing.
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mine is # 759  in Hong Kong , but there is something strange about my number because normally on the box they usually show the number at the left corner by green ink with hand writing. 

but on my box is number # 333 with green ink and cross by black ink and re number writing  # 759 below that # 333. don't know why anyway I'm not too serious about it because the matter is ps1000 is ps1000 whatever number but finally now I got it!!! 


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I have 688.  It took me a while to figure it out because there's nothing penned into or onto my pizza box.  I had to figure it out by looking at the headphones, themselves.  Strangely enough, that number could have read 688 or 889 or even (because of the way it's scrawled) 883.  Thanks to a number scrawled onto the aluminum body, I've come to the conclusion that 688 is the clear winner.




This looks like either 839 or 889.  Who can say?




Is that a "3" in the middle, or an "8"?




What the blazes is that?




Now that looks like 688!




That does, too - but the real proof is etched into the aluminum.




This could be 889.  It's certainly not 883.  But it's an awkward 889, especially for the initial 8 and the final 9.  




Flipped around, this looks more like 688.  My bet is that "688" is the final winner.

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A big step up from my SR-60(RIP) and Shure SE-210 (2nd pair, 1st replaced under warranty cable tear circumventing at the ear piece).  I don't want to stop listening but the instructions say otherwise.  


How long is considered a good burn-in?  What is considered a normal session?  (please don't say 30 minutes).





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