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Wow! The Final Audio Design FI-DC1601SB (also known as "Don't go to Yodobashi" lol) - Page 26

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Originally Posted by FenderP View Post
I was experimenting with tips on the SB .... My favorites are the plain silicone ones from FAD (medium size). Compared to everything else, it brings the bass out the best....
If you like FAD's silicone tips then you should definitely try out the V-Moda tips. I find these sound much better than the FAD tips, they sound much more transparent. The V-Moda translucent and black tips look identical but sound v different. The translucent ones having a more solid dynamic sound, the Black ones sound a bit softer but are more transparent. Both bring out the bass well but in different frequency ranges...

This might be of interest to you as well James & Shigzeo... Might be worth trying to bring out the bass with these tips rather than through EQ...

Here's the link for the V-Moda tips:


I must say though, that although these are better than FAD's own tips, I'm not completely satisfied with them... so the search goes on for tips that can truly bring out all that the SB has to offer.
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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
Got to say James, that the Sony and 1601 is now better than the Voyager/iPod or other combo. But, I've tried the Cowon and for some reason, I didn't like it as much despite a 'better' EQ. I have a feeling it is the more natural low bass of the Sony.
Thanks again, I too can't get the 1601 to sound great with the Cowon, no matter what BBE and EQ settings. My rockboxed Fuze is a better match, but out of the DAPs I currently own, the iRiver T7 has the best synergy.

Speaking of which, I was able to audition the 1601 with various DAPs at a local shop yesterday, pretty much most of the current Sonys (except the X), Samsungs (except M1), some iRivers, Philips and Archos. I won't go into lengthy details, the one that came out best was the Sony 845. Surprisingly the rather cheap Archos 3 was second best and gave the 845 a run for its money.

Very, very close to getting the Sony 845 now...
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i ended up purchasing an 845 - will pick it up Friday. My trusty 828 is great with it, but I wanted something pretty... sadly, I think I ordered the black one, not the cute brown one...
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I've been meaning to ask.. What's the dirrerence between a "Review", "Impressions" and "Appreciation" thread on this forum? What are the criteria for each?

I'm asking because my FAD's are approaching 250hrs of run-in, so I'll now settle in to do some serious listening and comparing in order to post a comprehensive report here.
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I think it can mean much to many people, but... appreciation is "praise" whereas reviews and impressions can be a little less biased in favour or out of favour. I tend to keep reviews knotted to solid outcomes and impressions ambiguously frayed.
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mate, that is beautiful: 845 16GB in black? if so, that is the same I'll pick up this Friday... how bad is the hiss?
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^ Yes, same as yours. IMO the black/silver matches perfectly with the FADs, and so does the sound signature. Hiss is noticably less than with my Cowon i9, I won't claim it's dead silent, but only very faint. Considering your SS might be slightly brighter than my SB, I hope the hiss will still be tolerable for your sensitive ears. There's also a bit of noise while changing volume, but nothing nasty. Overall I'm happy I caved in, the Sony's a great complement to the FADs.
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This is off topic, but do sony players like the one you bought also have bass rolloff like the cowons do with low impedance IEMs?
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^ From what I am hearing, I guess no. If anything, there's even a hint of bass emphasis on flat EQ. But I reckon shigzeo will RMAA his Sony anyway.
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No, in fact, with dynamic earphones, the SONY has bass upswing by about 0,5 - 1 decibel from 100Hz and down. Cowon rolls off either after 100Hz or before it depending on the model.

Feed either earphone balanced armature earphones (not all, but most) and you get roll off from either one, but the Sony fairs better. For reference' sake, the Sony and iPod touch perform almost the same except that the Sony player is a lot warmer, probably due to: hiss, a little more distortion, and the extra 1 decibel bass in the low end.

I'd not put Cowon on the same page for any earphone unless you really make excellent use of its EQ and BBE, and even then, I think it's not that close because of the cramped feeling.
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Hello Shigzeo, been wondering... did you buy the FAD's in Tokyo, or at least listen to them while you were there?
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Hello firoze... sadly, I was very sick on my way to Tokyo, almost called off the trip! Then, by the time I recovered, I had no time to go shopping... so I may have to do that next time I go through: June or July... Really want to try the SB.

hint hint, wink wink, say no more!
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Can anyone give me a comparison between the e-Q7 and the Final Audio Design? Thanks in advance.
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I'd think they'd not be worth comparing: one is a sealed type earphone for on the move and at home and the other is fully open. Sound is going to be 100% differently oriented, like comparing apples to oranges: they are both fruits, but very very different sorts.

The Ortofon is certainly the more useful item as it works both in and outdoors, but it is sealed and isn't as breathy as the FAD. But otherwise, they are so very different.
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