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Wow! The Final Audio Design FI-DC1601SB (also known as "Don't go to Yodobashi" lol) - Page 21

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FAD is off on the weekends, so I couldn't help you here, but can try to call them nextweek. I think you can try asking them via mail too.

FAD's mail address: support@final-audio-design.com

Seeing that they have an English site, I think they have no problem in communicating in English.
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Originally Posted by KLS View Post
By the way, if you show your passport, you don't have to pay the 5% Japan taxes (so it means 56,810 yen for 1601SB). And both Yodobashi and Bic Camera have point returning system, but you need a member card for this, which you can apply and get it in instance (not sure whether foreigners can apply this...). For the 1601SB, you can get a 10% point returning, means 5980 points which is equivalent to 5980 yen (1 point = 1 yen). I am not sure if point returning is available if you buy with your passport.

Just checked the availability of 1601SB in Bic Camera: out-of-stock So, leaving Yodobashi and Dyna5555. I am pretty sure Yodobashi has them, not sure about Dyna5555...
@firose Non-Japanese can get Bic and Yodabashi cards but if memory serves me correctly at Yodobashi for the first purchase you dont get points. I could be wrong though as I havent bought anything from there for a long time. But thats how I seem to remember it. If so, you could always buy something really cheap for the first purchase then get the points for the big purchase and then use thoses points to get something else. I think at Bic you get the points from the first purchase.

I have seen English speaking staff helping gaijin at the Yurakucho bic camera and with the number of gaijin I always see at the Akihabara Yodobashi they probably have some English speakers there as well to help you get the point card.
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^ Yes there are staffs who speak English (and Chinese, Korea, Cantonese etc) who can help you.
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yeah, always staff to help non-Japanese in both Bicc and Yodobashi - Akihabara in general or den den town in Osaka is helpful for foreigners.
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Originally Posted by KLS View Post
I have tried searching them in Japanese, but turned out nothing on them. I browsed through their homepage but didn't find anything on the FADs. It seems that they don't have the FAD's products...

I think Bic Camera in Yurakucho is a better choice, as there are more audio-equipment there.
Both AudioUnions (Shunjuku and Ochanomisu) didn't have them when I was there in December. Actually, their IEM selection was pretty poor. Great store, though, especially for used gear.

Yodobashi is helpful for non-Japanese speaking folks, even if you don't find the right person who speaks English. They're all about customer service. Luckily when I was there, a Klipsch rep was setting things up and spoke English, so he helped me. I've NEVER had a bad experience shopping in Japan.
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Hello, this is a quick post to let you all know that I bought the 1601SB from Yodobashi in Akihabara. I'll post a detailed report soon...
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@firoze, congratulations! I am glad that 1601SB impresses you, seeing that you have bought them! Ok, waiting for your report.
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^ Thank you KLS. And thank you also for your help in assisting me in buying the FAD's. Its still early days yet to write of my impressions of these earphones... they are still running in (30hrs so far) and I'm still "discovering" them, so to speak. Will post my comprehensive impressions soon... For the time being I will only say that I bought them because, for me at least, they did what no other earphone that I've yet heard could do - brought me one full step closer to the music.
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So the FAD's magic did work for you - congratulations! I'm eagerly awaiting more details, also very interested in source and musical genres.
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Thank you James, both for the congrats and more so for your detailed answers to all my questions which assisted me in acquiring these earphones. I used my iPhone 3GS, Eq set to "off". Music: Classical (Orchestral & Opera), Country, Pop, Classic Rock.

To answer your unasked question, the Bass is superb - deep, taut and articulate. In fact it is glorious!

Incidentally, the iPhone 3GS has a far better Bass response than earlier iPhones and iPods. It goes much deeper, is fuller, yet it is not overblown.
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By the way, James, FenderP & Shigzeo, my SB's are made in Phililppines. Where are yours made?
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The ones I am borrowing are supposed to be made in Japan. The plastic ones too, are made in the Philippines.

@James - better than the Voyager, I've found the decent EQ on the Sony 828 and X makes them work for any and every sort of music. It is wonderful.
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^ shigzeo, are saying that even though I have a rockboxed Fuze and Cowon i9 with presumably the best EQs available on portable DAPs, I need a Sony for the FADs?

Ok, I guess the answer is yes, so which one do you prefer, the 828 or X? Do you think any other recent model like the 6xx or 7xx would sound the same? What EQ settings are you using? And what about hiss, I remember you complaining about Sony's hiss?

Sorry for being so inquisitive, but since you're saying this is better than the Voyager....
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Oh, had no idea you had those - how did I forget? My Fuze isn't rockable and I just hate the S9 (bass roll off kills it for me).

I'd love to hear my fuze with the FAD if it was rockboxed. The Sony hisses, but is very good but warm - warmer than the Voyager.

I boost the bass up to notch 3 (never with any other earphone), drop 400Hz to minus one or two and then flat across the next two and graduallly up at the end. Lovely.

I do complain about Sony's hiss as it is horrid, but I can deal with hiss a lot better than I can deal with bass roll off. I will try impedance adapter with a cowon to see how it fairs.

I have the Sony S615, S636 and A828 and the latter is my favourite (probably because the middle one is gone) and the S615 works -sometimes- but only when coaxed.

Other than hiss, this is such a killer combo. Strange too, because I've tended to prefer other DAP's for dynamic earphones to the Sony.
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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
The ones I am borrowing are supposed to be made in Japan. The plastic ones too, are made in the Philippines.
I see.. so I presume you don't have the outer cardboard box else you could check - its mentioned there.

Or could it be that only the SC is made in Japan? Maybe that is why it's so much more expensive?

What about you James and FenderP? Could you please check your boxes and let us know where your SB's are made?
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