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Sale Pending: FS Little Dot I+ $80 shipped

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Hey guys, I have a Little Dot I+ I am looking to sell. I accidentally rolled some tubes on the wrong tube settings cause it was late at night and I was tired. The resistors on the 408A circuit are burned out an need replacement. They are pretty cheap and can easily be replaced with some minor soldering experience. I will include a matched pair of WE408As and the stock tubes as well. This will work on the stock tubes with no repair. I will be asking for $80 shipped as it is damaged, however there is no major harm, so please don't try to send me low-ball offers. Just send me a PM if interested.

Note:THIS UNIT IS IN NEED OF SOME MINOR REPAIRS. - Just in case anyone missed this

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Bump. I will be adding pictures soon when I can borrow a camera that can actually take decent pictures of the interior of this thing.
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PM your way.
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These are the resistors burned out indicated in the picture. Other than that the amp is completely normal.

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where you are located?
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Here are some images of the amp. Sorry about any fuzziness as my cell phone camera will have to do until I return home for Christmas break where I can use a much better camera.
With 6JIs:

With WE408As:
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Sale Pending
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