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Originally Posted by xnor View Post

Oktyabr, you really should demo the 440 before you decide to buy it. Don't worry too much about amping. Better concentrate on differences in sound signature/balance and choose whichever fits better to your preference and music.

Yup, yup!  Going back to the store to demo the 440 today.  I must say I'm very impressed with the M50 so far.  They sound even better this morning after burning in all night in my sock drawer.  The attraction of the 440 to me anyway is the lower price and cords that are a "snap" to replace, literally.  I'm not too hard on my equipment but I'm much more likely to go portable and thus actually use a set of cans more if I feel confident that minor mishaps are easily repaired.  But what it boils down to is the sound.  If the 440 can't hold it's own to the M50 in detail and tone then the extra money involved in keeping the ATH's will be justified I think.

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I don't think you'd be going to be happy with the 440, but we/you'll see.

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I posted in another thread in more detail but you were right, I brought the more expensive M50s back home with me.  Actually to my ears, on a 3G iPhone, the 440s sound much more like the M50s than I had expected!  I was most surprised at how much bass they had after reading elsewhere that the M50s were "bass heavy" in comparison to the 440s.  I could have saved about $30 returning the M50s and taking the 440s home instead but at least on my rather large head I found the M50s more comfortable... They have in fact always been very comfortable to me, even after several hours at a time.  The 440s struck me as slightly "uncomfortable" immediately putting them on.  Not saying they are terrible, I just don't remember *ever* thinking that about the M50s.


I'm sure had the M50s not followed me home last night and the 440s would have been available in their place I would be quite happy with them... and the extra $30 in my pocket.

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Originally Posted by Oktyabr View PostThe 440s struck me as slightly "uncomfortable" immediately putting them on.  Not saying they are terrible, I just don't remember *ever* thinking that about the M50s.

That was how I initially felt about the 840s, also. As soon as I unboxed them, they felt like a vice grip on my head. However, I've had them for exactly a week now (a week to the hour!), and while I had been burning them in, I'd keep them stretched across 3 of my textbooks. Now, they feel much more comfortable. Still slightly on the tight side, but I think another week or two of stretching will loosen them well enough.

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Comment retracted.


oops...was reading the wrong thread. Thought this was about the 840s...doh.

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Originally Posted by Judge Buff View Post

Looks comfortable, topside.


A little Velcro strategically placed might be more secure (and/or aesthetically pleasing) for the headband cushion. I may have to try this add-on, gav007... Simple, functional and obviously an improvement!


I've had the 840 pads on mine since day one. Way more comfort than the stock cushions and good iso to boot!

Good call Judge, I just picked up some adhesive velcro tape and going to remodified what I did to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  I'll repost the pics once I get around to it. 

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Ok I finally got around to taking pics of the re-modification, instead of using elastics to hold the hd600 headband cushion I used adhesive velcro tape.  I even cut off the extra flaps on the hd600 headband cushion to make it fit better and aesthetically pleasing.  Now I can wear the Shure SRH440 on my head for hours without any comfort issues, as well as wear them around my neck.  


Here are two pictures of the re-modfication:





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That looks so crisp and comfortable i can sleep on those headphones.

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Yeah, before I was having comfort issues and I even thought about selling them, but not anymore :)  Now I need to call Sennheiser and order some more hd600 headband cushions for spares.

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Just posting this as possibly my last post for this thread. I no longer own my SRH440, I recently gave them away to a friend who wanted to try them so I don't feel it right that I should continue commenting on this thread when my experience with the product grows staler. Although, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about why I liked them. I, like all of Head-Fi, hold their music dear to them, and even more so than the headphones we listen to is the music we listen to. I'm picky (not discerning) when it comes to which songs I like, and there are quite a few that I like (and really like) which screw up my understand of how my brain makes these decisions. I have come up with a few general rules though, one being if a song is mostly in English, I will not like it; this is why one of my favorite songs (of which I only have 6) is mostly in English. It has been about 2 years since I found a favorite song (the last being the aforementioned song) and they generally stop being my favorite about 2 weeks in. All 6 have this in common: they produce a tingling sensation that is amplified in step with the climax(es) of the song and they produce an emotion unique to the song. Of the thousands of songs I've sampled, and of the 160-ish that I listen to, and the 30 or so that are regulars, only 6 have I believed to be amazing. One of those is "Mermaid Song" by Susumu Hirasawa, which placed itself on my list when I first heard it, and became my favorite with the Shure SRH440. 3 of the other ones were favorites before the SRH440, and only one is a favorite due to the Sony MDR-XB700. "Mermaid Song" sounds like all my other songs with the XB700, only the SRH440 truly made me feel the song. "Inner Universe" by Yoko Kanno is similar to "Mermaid Song," but the XB700 has been able to give me that sensation, although not as much as the SRH440. "'Libera Me' From Hell" by Taku Iwasaki is that mostly English song (spoken by a Japanese person, if that has any influence) which is equivalent on the SRH440 and XB700. "Honey Honey feat. AYUSE KOZUE" by SEAMO (it was recommended to me by a commenter on one of my threads) became a favorite through the XB700 and sounds dismal on the SRH440 entirely due to the amount of low bass in the song (and for the love of Kamiwa, do not watch the music video). "The Girl In Byakkoya" by Susumu Hirasawa rounds off the list (and defaults to my favorite artist) and is more enjoyable on the SRH440 than XB700. Finally, "Tank!" by the Seatbelts also sounds better on the SRH440. There are a few other songs that sound better on the SRH440 than the XB700, but the vast majority of my songs sound better on the XB700. Remember, these songs are no longer my favorites, which is why I switched over to the XB700, but I suppose that's also why I haven't found another since I got them. Retrospectively, I must admit the SRH440 was a great pair of headphones, and I will miss them. So ultimately, I would recommend it, maybe not as often as the XB700, but they're two different beasts, and one just so happens to have a bigger place in my heart and the other a bigger place around my ears.


PS. This is extremely subjective.




In my moment of gushy nostalgia I had an idea: how about I set the equalizer (all DSP's are from f2k, I've long since abandoned Creative's solutions) in the shape of the SRH440's frequency response, and equalize using that as the bass? It's yeilded some interesting results so far, especially with "Inner Universe." It's also drastically improved clarity and soundstage within the XB700, although the song I'm listening to sounds a bit boxy, but this song in specific has always sounded boxy on any headphone.

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Does anyone know besides the Sennheiser store, where else can I get the HD600 headband cushions? The shipping charge is the same as the cushion itself. Thank you!

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Your best bet would be looking through the trade forums on this website.

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Originally Posted by raionz View Post

Does anyone know besides the Sennheiser store, where else can I get the HD600 headband cushions? The shipping charge is the same as the cushion itself. Thank you!

The only place i've seen these...is on the Senn's store...

Otherwise, look on the forums...

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Thanks all!

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The HD 580 headband pad is the same as the the HD 600... I think...

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