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Sleek Audio CT6

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I've decide to invest in some new IEM's this Christmas as my westone um3x's were stolen by my brother, when i mean stolen i mean he took them from me, so i don't have any IEM or any sort of headphones accept for the ones the came with my iPod touch. i had custom sleeves for my um3x's so i'm think of get custom iem rather than universal once based on the comfort factor.

I've been reading reviews about custom IEM's from different companies and i heard that Sleek Audio do make a set of affordable customs with a good SQ, I'm still very new the to audio world, i've only have my um3x's for about a new before they were taken. so i was wondering whether the CT6's would be a good investment.

my price range is something about $350, but if i'm convinced that the CT6's are a good investment i'm willing to give just that much more.

I listen to canto-pop, rock, jazz, metal and pretty much everything except for classical music. but i do love piano solo's too.... so yea....

any advice would be thoroughly welcomed!

Jason Lee
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Well, I have the CT6 which I really like. Despite having only one balanced armature, it is dynamic and fun, but if you don't want huge bass, it is quite good. For 350$, it is a good investment, even over the SA6.
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I've read a couple of your reviews and their great! your review on the CT6 was what originally made me think of investing in them. I was wondering whether the Bass+ and the Treble+ really make a difference? would it be a recommended setting?

as for the bass i perfer something like the um2, like a tight detailed bass thats not overwhelming is that the sort that the CT6's will be giving?
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It does make a difference (at least as it applies to SA6). A few colleagues of mine in Japan mentioned that you should at least add the treble. Though if you ring Sleek up (I did), you may be able to bargain a huge bass setup. The SA6 is a tighter bass than the UM2 - it has no slow echoes anywhere and sounds great in the acrylic shell. I sold the UM2 years ago for the reason that its bass and mids didn't do well enough in trance. Something was off.

In every way comparable, the Sleek is better than the UM2 unless you like to sleep on your side. I found that every custom (even soft silicon) make sleeping on your side difficult.
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I think i'm pretty much set on buying them now, gonna be going to the SA office to have my earmould made.

My last questions are whether getting a RSA tomahawk would be a good investment, I saw a second-hand one at a local audio-shop it's only been used for half a year and it's pretty much in perfect condition, it's selling for around $200. Would it make a real difference to the listening experience? would it be a good investment?
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I also want these. I will make an appointment with the audiologist hopefully this week! You are lucky you can hop into sa and have them do your impressions. I am going to use the CT6 with a Pico amp/dac and my MacBook and Touch with lod.
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The CT6 has a rather neutral response, but the only slightly off thing with the CT6 with +bass is that there is a little low end bloom. The CT6 reaches as low as my other multi-armature customs, but doesn't do it as prettily. Still, it comes in cheaper in a more solid shell and the cable (which should have third party options too soon) is made way better with its excellent coaxial connection. It simply is strong. Mine is about one year old now and I have had no problems; no pin breakages or bends, no memory issues: nothing.

The only issue with the CT6 from a sound perspective is that it reaches as low, but with more effort required on its part. But, an excellent phone. I will be re-tooling the review in the next couple of weeks to reflect my new format so to be more accurate to the build and sound within their own categories.
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Why not just get a better IEM than the SA6 and have it reshelled by UM? Maybe a TF10 Pro or UE5EB for $99?
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personally, the excellent cable and assured great mids and highs on the CT6 are enough. The bottom end is very good, but has bloom. There is not certainty that any UM will do as well. The UE5B is known for blown out bottoms and the TF10 is no longer 99 dollars. Also, you buy, you still have to pay for shipping etc, the same as the CT6. Among all my customs, the CT6 remains one of my favourites.
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The TF10 is still $99. Just look for it.
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I might go for it if I were American living in the states. It isn't so easy otherwise. For one, many companies don't ship to Korea for some reason...
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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
I might go for it if I were American living in the states. It isn't so easy otherwise. For one, many companies don't ship to Korea for some reason...
There will be a ton of them for sale in the classifieds here before long. You'll probably pay $150-$200 for them but it's still a good deal.
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yeah, a great deal. I imagine a load of people are going to customise them, but no reason to de-rail this thread further. Again, the only 'weakness' the CT6 has is a little bass bloom. If you want the most dynamic sound, you really should pay about double and get a triple driver arrangement. But, to tell you the truth, I don't reach for the JH13Pro over the CT6 for a majority of my listening.
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Just ordered a set today, My appointment with the audiologist is set for 12/9 and I am fairly excited. If the order number is any indication less than 850 have been made for customers. A little bloom in the bass is ok with me as I can without a doubt afford these customs. Looking forward to an increase in comfort and customs are just cool anyway. I have a Pico amp/dac on order as well and from my studies here at Head-Fi I think it will sound wonderful to my not quite so critical somewhat middle aged music loving ears.

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You will enjoy it. Despite bearing one driver, the CT6 is like most armatures, and 'hard to drive' - it gets the best frequency response when driven through an amp.
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