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W3 is very peaky and the bass is too much and doesn't have that much more subass

On a powerful source they've got very deep bass or sub-bass.

Also they've got very good soundstage.
From bad, they will never give a good treble. Any source, from dark to bright, from player to amp, never.

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i've been listening to my w4's lately, makes me wonder if they put the brakes on the presentation (like if they put the brakes on the w2's bass) to not trample on their customs.. Yes, Elvis is not dead... HAHA

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Well W2 has MUCH better overall clarity than W4.  Like night and day.

Bass qty is same but W4 extends a bit deeper and is a bit more texured.  W4 is generally more refined sounding and has a larger soundstage with 4 drivers versus 2.


W4 is the overall better IEM but no denying W2 is crisper and clearer sounding.

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Holy Cow, I was just listening to my w2's. I pressed them in my ears and heard sub-bass.

I rolled on some future sonics dual flange deep and what do you know. I now feel like i'm listening to the perfect hp...

Try pressing them in your ears and see if theres a difference in the bass!!!

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Might be reading into something that isn't there but the W2 is not on Westone's site. Just 3 Personal listening products. The 1, 3, and 4. I know they took down the old UM except for the UM1 colors which is a recent model for the new PRO series but why is the 2 missing?

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Hi all, not sure if anyone is going to see this but I just got a pair of these things in a trade. I love them. They sound so natural and clear, something I've never heard on an IEM before.


I'm looking for some tips for them that will not only make them sound their best but will improve the bass quantity. I didn't get the whole range of stock tips in the trade--just a couple of the gray ones, a couple pairs of foam, and some Phonak Audeo tips that sound gorgeous but have no low end and are just barely too large to stay in. 


If anyone could recommend some good tips for these I'd be grateful. 

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The natural contenders would be the westone star tips I would have thought.  There's a combo pack out there that has one of each type (star and trufit) and each size.


The westone 2 would have been a end game for me if it had had a tad more bass.  I wonder what they would sound like out of the star tips.

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It turns out that Skullophile was right! The Future Sonics dual flange deep insertion tips (and yes, my friend, they do go deep) actually brings the bass up to where it needs to be! I just got through "Thebes" by OM and was blown away. The future sonics tips have salvaged the low end and still retain 95% of the unnaturally natural high end of the Phonak Audeo tips. These things sound amazing now :D


Tip if you want them: If you go to order them through the Future Sonics website, they'll want to charge you $11+ for shipping. Email them and they can work something out for you with USPS for a few dollars shipping. Alternatively there is a vendor on eBay selling them for $15 flat. I got them recently and while the mediums initially looked way too big for my medium-sized ears, they actually work great if you don't mind the fact that they dig a little deeper than usual. Cheers!

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I'm considering this or W1 for very casual use, such as movies and videos.

Does the Westone's high sensitivity cause it to pick up hiss when used with a tablet?

How forgiving is it of source files?

Any comparison with W1 would be greatly appreciated.
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Has anyone actually heard the Westone star tips compared to the Phonak audeo tips? I'm looking for a place to get the Phonak audeos since I really enjoy the larges that came with mine in the trade, but I wear mediums so they don't fit too well. The westone star tips seem easy to find though.

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Has anyone tried custom tips on their W2? How much of a difference did it make?

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A bit of a stab in the dark but does anyone have ideas what full size headphone would have a similar sound signature to W2s? I'm itching to up/sidegrade from my DT880s and honestly I seem to prefer W2s as they are more fun than the Beyers.

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Man, I've fallen in love with these headphones all over again. They sound so realistic and natural! And soundstage is fantastic of course. Eventually I want to upgrade to JVC HA-FX850 but in the mean time these are the bees knees for me.


I have the following tips and sometime in the future when I have "free time" I'll write up a comparison of the tips. But for now just some quick comments:


Westone stock grey small-bore: decent but treble sounds a tad peaky

Phonak audeo wide-bore: my favorite so far, although they take the treble down a notch (some people will find this nice but I like the whole sound spectrum) the bass sounds great and the midrange is so rich and natural and engaging... very addictive sound

Westone foam: muddy midrange and flaccid treble... my least favorite

Future Sonics dual flange: need extra bass? these tips will do it. they isolate like crazy too... I call them "the violators" cause they go pretty deep. nothing wrong with the midrange or treble here, but not as engaging as single flange tips IMO


Anyone have the Westone star tips that could comment on how they affect the W2?

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upgrade to JVC HA-FX850

they are the best dynamics (or even all, why not) IEMs up to this day:)

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I had sent my w2 for repair. Got a new w20 in return
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