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I met him (just once) at a burning-amp meet. I was there when he was talking to another industry guy (I stood there silent the whole time; those guys are way out of my league!) and they did talk about abs. polarity and how it did matter.

I was actually there. sorry to contradict you.
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The side of the plug with the protrusion is most definitely positive. The same goes for inner part that holds the pins. Enjoy soldering onto the tiny pins. By the way, I suggest getting the plugs from APuresound, as they are modified to make it easier to DIY. That being said, don't bother trying any wire thicker than 24.5 AWG (with the APS version of the plugs) as it wont fit.

i need to make sure :cool:


the pin on the side of the protuberances (in red) would be, in a balanced setup, the hot phase, right?


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