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GONE : Sennheiser Surrounder ( UK only! )

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*SOLD* - well, part-exchanged with Quaddy for his PFR-V1

Just an interest check for these at the moment. As great as they are, I simply haven't gotten around to using them as much as I intended.

These were bought from Duggeh in June 2008, and since then I've put about 20 hours on them (literally), playing GTA4 on Xbox Live with them (they certainly provide a decent 'punch' with explosions, e.t.c.!).

They come as follows :

1) Surrounder unit
2) Two sets of shoulder pads and the velcro pads to attach them, one slim and one thick - which alter how close the unit sits to your ears / how low it rests on your shoulders.
3) Interface cable - has TWO 3.5mm audio inputs (front / rear) and also a power input socket.

Note - when bought from Duggeh, I bought these without a power brick, and sourced a monster of a power unit from Maplin, which weighs about 1KG and drives them perfectly, at a cost of £16.99. If you'd require this, we may be able to come to a deal, otherwise I'll let you know what you'll need to power them.

If you wanted to connect the Surrounder to a device with RCA (phono) outputs, you'd need a cable with 2 x MALE RCA on one end, and FEMALE 3.5MM (1/8") on the other, for each section (front or rear).

If you connect to a STEREO device, such as an MP3 player with just 3.5mm output, it uses both the front and rear speakers.

I haven't taken any pictures yet (since this is just IC), however for an example, someone has put a picture of theirs on Photobucket, here :

Sennheiser surrounder image by smartie010 on Photobucket

Note that mine doesn't have the LUCAS processor, which is the grey Sennheiser box on the right hand side which looks like a remote control. IIRC the LUCAS processor is an external surround sound processor. They do pop up for sale from time to time, and are not needed to use the Surrounder.

... and here's a thread with a couple of posts :

Any questions, fire away or PM me
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part trade for my sonys?
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Originally Posted by Quaddy View Post
part trade for my sonys?
Yeah, I'd be up for that!

Let me know what kind of arrangement you'd be after and we can take it from there
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SOLD - well, strictly speaking, 'part-exchanged' with Quaddy for his PFR-V1

Cheers for all the interest
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