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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post
is there really a sound difference between different ripping software? Never heard of this before. Seems like lossless is lossless is lossless
Data from audio CD's doesn't have error correction otherwise how come some rips from scratched CD's have clicking?
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i use itunes all the time.

it is great.
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I dislike itunes because it messed up all the permissions on my music drive on windows 7. Used picard loads before I installed itunes with no problems, tried to tag some stuff the other day and it chucked out loads of errors about permissions and couldn't save anything. Removed itunes and I still had to move the music to a new folder as it was still giving me errors. Now itunes is gone and I've moved the music from the itunes folder all works fine again. Also my pc is pretty good, 3 core cpu and 4GB ram but still itunes was sluggish
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You need a program that could handle secure reading with error handling without skipping data. most of the programs will read the CDs straight without even caring.
Also relying on databases like The AccurateRip one will assure you that you ripped well your stuff because it matches the CRC of your track vs the stored ones.
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On my fast desktop and slow laptop, Foobar loads instantly. iTunes likes to dawdle and load, load, load... I don't even use iTunes for managing my iPhone anymore.
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I think he meant the quality, compared to eg LAME.
OK...what kind of quality problems are you experiencing. I turn error correction on. I get bit-perfect copies of the cd data on my hard drives. I don't understand what the problem could be.

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There's a thread here that sums up people's opinions

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another hater here... personally I dislike any software that installs all sorts of bloat and gives you no option to not install those features you'll never use (itunes guilty of that in spades), I dislike any software that tries to phone home without telling you for any reason whatsoever (itunes), and I dislike any software that's a front for selling you stuff (itunes again).

I'm sure the itunes experience is better on a Mac than a PC, but I don't care because I think it's fundamentally bad software that reflects Apple's wonderful way of limiting consumer choice.

I like Foobar, but I'm curious why I never hear much about MediaMonkey, which is my preferred music player/library management software and has plenty of plugins and options for managing various music players (including ipods).
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This has been a fun read. Should have done a poll.
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The mac vs pc argument doesn't hold up. It only takes into consideration performance, which is the least of itunes problems.
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It doesn't have plugins and it doesn't play FLAC!!!
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here's the most common arguments i saw:

music organization
itunes stores the albums as:
itunes folder > artist > album
seems great to me, lol.

cd ripping
itunes has a error correction option that a user may select, obviously it slows the ripping but does the error correction stuff some people deem necessary. IMO i think it's only needed with a scratched cd. (i'm gonna get bashed for this, but it's a computer, it can read a cd at 48x if it's not scratched)

syncing with multiple comps
you can sync your ipods with multiple computers that YOU own and have the login to, if they're signed in with the same itunes account.

hogging CPU/memory
well... sorry if you have an old computer. or if 5-10 second load times annoy you.

it tries to sell you stuff
hmmm. well i guess that's one of the many tabs on the program... you don't have to click it if you hate the idea of buying music. i actually use the itunes store a lot to find new music because it's quite beautifully written to know similar artists you might like. (i know this feature isn't uncommon, but the one in itunes really works well) this, and pandora, is how i find a lot of new music.

no plugins
you win. i'm okay without it though.
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Originally Posted by dan1son View Post
I use a Mac and NOT iTunes. iTunes is too limiting for me (like most Apple products). I want the ability to use ogg files, flac files, etc. with full support and no fuss. I don't buy online music, I buy CDs and rip them myself and definitely NOT in iTunes.

If you like it, go for it. The interface is fine, it seems to support large libraries good enough, it has a good integrated store, but it will only be what it is due to Apple's ability to limit their products beyond necessity.

i have a mac too, but i thought iTunes was the only decent player, what do you use to play your music? that provides good library management and bit perfect audio output?
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I have tried many, many players. I used iTunes because it was tied up to my ipods. Then I discovered Rockbox over three years ago and the bond was broken and I never looked back. I still have it on one PC for the wife's ipod which is not Rockboxable...YET

Out of all my complaints the biggest were codec support (or lack thereof) and music organization. And yes, the music store drove me nuts too.

A lot of people keep mentioning Foobar this and Foobar that. Well the reason is- it's that good and the possibilities are endless. Music organization is a breeze and it just plain rocks. The people that think it's too simple looking, it's this, that and the other have just never researched and experimented with all the possible components and tweaks. I'm not talking only about DSPs either. As a matter of fact, I only use one- 5.1 downmix to 2 channel, and it sounds great.
It is a powerhouse...Gapless playback for one, on ANY format is flawless. Do you own any DVD-As?...Plug-in for that too and it rocks. I just ripped some DVD-As to wav, converted to FLAC, added to the folder that Foobar monitors, tagged and I was set in a matter of minutes and the organization was dead on.

At the end of the day, everyone has their likes and dislikes and they are all valid. It's all about how we enjoy the music...
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The PC version of iTunes can only play to the default audio device. It cannot play to any other audio device that happens to be in the computer. That there kills it from consideration for my use. My good audio device is not set up as the default audio device. So if I use iTunes I get to enjoy the default audio device which happens to be the onboard sound. Not what I want.

I have no idea what the Mac version is like.
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