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I don't have a receipt for the unit but would appreciate any help in getting the headphones fixed.

Would the Koss PRO/4AAA dynamic elements fit the PRO/4AA?

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I asked for you today. I spoke to a woman at the register about it and she said they should be able to fix them at no charge since you had just bought them.

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Koss still services 4AAs. I didn't need a receipt or anything. They took them in and did new pads, drivers, foams, wiring, and cable. Rebuilt pretty much everything, totally free, no questions asked.

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Did you need to register online Quantumcarrot before sending the PRO4AA in?

Thats not possible with older phones.

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Nope. So far I've brought them 4AA, SB49 (twice), and UR40s. Haven't had to jump through any hoops, do any registration, have any receipts, or anything. They pretty much take them and replace them if they're lower-end models or rebuild them if they're higher-end. I think the only thing they really ask is that you call ahead if you're bringing anything to the factory itself for service, but that probably doesn't apply here .

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What a great company.

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Just got them back and wow, what great service.

The Koss Pro/4AA are bad sounding either.

Bass is deep and tight. Warm sounding,good detail but not exaggerated. Does not sound like the flimsy Sennheiser 5XX models.


Never tried the Sennheiser HD280 Pro, maybe someone can compare them.


Its also overly built, with new cushions I can just tolerate the pressure for one CD session.

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4AAs could probably be used as weapons. Be sure to give them plenty of burn-in and as much power as you can provide. Still great headphones despite being over 40 years old.

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OK, who's the latest person that's sent a vintage pair in and had them repaired? (regardless of their posted warranty info anyway)

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Just sent my Pro 4AAs in to Koss about a week ago. I will report upon their return.

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Well, I just received my repaired headphones from the Koss repair center. All I can say is WOW. My old 1970s pair was cutting out on the right channel and the ear cushions were junk. What Koss sent back were a brand new pair no questions asked. All for $9.00 and they shipped them back no charge. I am now a customer for life. Great American company that stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty.     

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Interesting..... about 10 years ago, my original 1973 Pro5/LC headphones were crapping out on me and Koss offered nothing - "parts no longer available" and suggested I buy a pair of (I think) Pro4AAAs.  I bought some Sennheisers!

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Is anyone still active on this thread?


I have a pair of Koss Pro 4/A, the predecessor to the Pro 4/AA.


These are from 1970. They're in good shape for how old they are but have a lot of similar issues to the ones described by JustBlair.


Koss offered to send me a pair of 4/AA as a parts salvage. They don't repair any headphones anymore apparently. That's sad that Koss as a company seems to be on the decline. 


The 4/AA are identical to the 4/A. I'll post again once I get some pics and some progress on this project. I'm looking forward to trying to restore them. Let me know if anyone has any tips on this.

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