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Senn HD-25-1-II

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I got these the other day. Love them! Much smaller than I expected, which is great. The sound is awesome, and coming from my Westone 3's, I wasn't disappointed at all. I just can't stick things in my ear. Gave up on in-ear. Oh well.

Anyway, do these need to break in via speaker wise? Also does the head band loosen up over time? I know they are suppose to be a firm fit, but they squeeze quite tight. If you are an HD-25 user, you'll know what I mean. But I'm loving them as I write! Good stuff and I'm upset I waited this long, I'm glad I went for the more expensive set. Thanks.
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After almost a year of regular use I think mine have loosened up a little, but not much, they still clamp quite hard. Do you have the velour pads? I find them quite a bit more comfortable.
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