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Man, screw MP4 Nation. Never again.

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The cable is way to long and the shortening mod looks good but since my DIY skills (and being lazy ) are not that great anyone looking

to sell a modded one drop me a pm....

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I am very unhappy with Mp4 nation , i ordered this thing since 08/13 and it hasnt arrived yet !!!!!!!!!!! i dont know if its because i am from Mexico or what but i expected something close to the 4 to 14 days they claim ........But oh well , i wont be making the same mmistake twice , next time i am buring from Micca or from Lamda something , i dont remember the name , gezz i am angry cuz my portapro's left side has stop working and my only headphone (well my only decent headphone ) is the PXC250 wich i need an amp for in order to hear the music when on the bus ...........Now i know what Olor meant with that never again

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^ I've ordered from MP4 nation and indeed their shipping is really really slow.

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Originally Posted by IDK View Post

Can the fiio e1 Fully power the RE0's?(to reach their max sq)

For amp, I use either iBasso T3 + LOD or Fiio E1, and for headphones I use either Yuin PK1 or Head-Direct RE0.


I would say that, when compared to the T3, the E1 is definitely lacking. However, it is not bad in the least. For me, when not ABXing the E1 with the T3, the E1 sounds quite good. It is definitely fine for casual/background listening, better than through the headphone jack of a Nano 4G for sure. I very recently got an iPod 5G but have not listened to the headphone jack very much so I can't say with certainty how the E1 compares to that. The T3 gives basically a more focused, cleaner sound than the E1, but the E1 is still very good with the RE0, and is worth the cost for the convenience of the remote alone. I actually use the E1 more for that reason; I use my iPod at work all day and I don't have time to take the iPod out of my pocket all the time just to pause it or change the song or what have you. Also, I don't have to worry about damaging the E1 in my pocket the same way I would have to with a typical LOD when used in conjunction with T3. Besides, even if it does get damaged, it's just $20 for another.

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hi guys well the E1 just arrived today and im very happy with it so far
i feel it gives the pxc250 a hefty volume boost a more clarity
and most of all bass!!!!! i always tought these headphones to sound
very clear but with close to no bass but now it sounds great i can really hear ringos drumss a lot better
now ill be happy till xmas ill convince my wife to get me the e7 for xmas abd ill buy the panasonic zirconia
from j r :P
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Originally Posted by smith View Post

The cable is way to long and the shortening mod looks good but since my DIY skills (and being lazy ) are not that great anyone looking

to sell a modded one drop me a pm....

Why does everything have to come with a ream of cable?! Why can't AKG sell a headphone cable shorter than 3 metres? I'm definitely looking to buy one of those if anyone can do the job.. message me!

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I ride a motorcycle (harley) without a helmet and use my iPod Classic 80 Gig with a pair of old Shure E3c's earbud as my music source.  I have a magnetic pouch that I attach to my tank with a clear plastic face to opperate the iPod wheel.  The issue I have is even without gloves I cannot control the volume levels when riding because you have to use the iPod wheel through the plastic and the touch is too sensative to be accurate.  When you get up to speed, I need to increase the volume and when you lower your speed I need some kind of remote.  When wearing gloves it's impossible to control the volume.  I think the FiiO E1 would work for me to have an external button system that would help me control my volume.  Does anyone else know of another solution for me?  Oh and of course I would like to get better sound.

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I am looking for a Fiio E1 with the following short cable (around 10cm) mod. Please contact me if you are selling one. I am offering $25 shipped to Texas USA. Thanks.


Originally Posted by portsnap View Post

Oh sorry guys, I wasn't following the thread.

Opening the plug was actually easy, just get a tiny and flat screwdriver.

Here is the pic:



I guess you get the idea, you have to stick the screwdriver between the big white enclosing and the top part which holds the plug together. The plastic is not that flexible, but with careful pressure you'll be able to get the screwdriver in-between. Look at the plug, you'll see that the top part was put onto the white enclosing, you'll see the edge where you'll have to push your screwdriver in. Be careful, the top part is glued to the pcb, but you'll be able to get it off easily. You will have to bend the top part a bit, just to get it out, don't overdo it.

Soldering the thing will be a pain in the... prepare a magnifying glass.


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To Bill1202,

A stock Fiio E1 should work for you. You may want controls to be as big as possible, since you are wearing gloves. I do not recommend riding motorcycle without helmet while fiddling with remote control/iPod though. 

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Excuse me for nerco'ing the thread, but I was wondering...


I'm considering picking up an E1 to use with an iPod Mini and, possibly, an iPhone 4s. Considering that the E1 is only $9.95 on Amazon, does it still represent reasonable bang for the buck or would I be better off saving for something else?



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