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Originally Posted by PANGES View Post

How did you get the LOD section open? 


Hi, I tried it last night and it went very well.


The LOD opens (as you probably already know) on the connector side.

You have to lift the connector side cover, and everything comes trough the casing, including the wire. The cover has plastic tabs and mild glue on each end.


I tried opening it with a sharp but strong knife by inserting it near the middle and lifting the cover, but it was stressing the plastic cover too much and it even cracked a bit, so I gave up on that option.


Doing the same near the ends damages the casing a bit more but at least nothing cracked, and seeing as the plastic tabs and the glue are on each end, I'd say it's the best place to apply pressure.

One side after the other and it came loose.


Removing the cables was easy, though they're pretty close together. Just a little touch on the solder with the soldering iron and a small pull with a tweezer, and they come off.


I cut the cable to length and tried to solder each wire to each connector (that still had the previous solder), but that didn't work.

I didn't want to apply new solder because all I had was a large soldering iron and a large solder wire, so I was sure I would have trouble with too much solder joining 2 (or even 3!!) adjacent connectors.


The solution I used was applying a bit of solder to the tips of the wires (just a thin coating).


Then, one at a time, I placed (with a tweezer) each wire to the corresponding "old-solder-covered connector", and the touching the tip of the soldering iron to the wire to melt the 2 bits of solder together (the one on the tip of the wire and the one on the connector).


After checking it was working properly, it was just a matter of applying a bit of glue to the plastic strain relief, and just click the cover into place.


The damage done to casing is minimal, nothing that bothers me.

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Somehow the message including the pic and a description how i opened the thing did not get approved, is there are reason for this, is there any sort of moderation queue?


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Thanks for the info, Striker & portsnap. I'll give it a shot this weekend.


I'm a little worried about re-connecting the little wires back onto the old solder or even applying new solder though. I had to do that before w/ the dock for my Turtle Beach headset for my xbox (where the mic wire attaches to the controller), and it didn't go too well. lol. What I tried to do was re-liquify the old solder and touch the wire back on it to connect it again, but it moved and connected with the solder right next to it (for a different wire). So in the end, I had to use solder whick to get all the factory solder off and apply my own. I think my main problem with all that was that the tip for my solder iron was too big for the job, but unfortunately, my iron doesn't have a removeable tip (lame, I know).


lol. Either way... the E1 is cheap enough so it wont really matter if I screw it up, so I'll give it a shot.

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Originally Posted by PANGES View Post

Either way... the E1 is cheap enough so it wont really matter if I screw it up, so I'll give it a shot.


Well I guess that is the reason why I personally succeeded, because screwing this this up would not be a big problem, as well as buying i new one, so I was less nervous soldering the LOD back together. 

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I have done the shortening mod on my E1 and it's really easy. Takes maybe 15mins. Just make sure you tin the wires a little before connecting them to the solder pads on the PCB since the wires have the wax/enamel on them.

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It seems the opamp is located in the LOD, could anyone tell me what the opamp is?

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Hi guys. I'm new at the forum.


I am looking for a headphone amplifier to my iPhone 4. I had an iPod 3G back in the days but I sold it, because I didn't knew better - I thought the audio sucked. Especially the bass. I was using AKG K 518 LE which I think are great headphones. But now I have bought an iPhone 4 and the audio sucks there aswell! I've heard it's because of the the 3.5mm lineout and that the dock should be better! I've been searching for a good amplifier which is using the dock on the iPhone 4 and found this - Fiio E1.


I've read the review and it looks like you guys doesn't think it's a great improvement. What do you guys think I should buy instead? An easy dock-to-3.5-lineout-converter + Fiio:s E5? I'm not that big of a audiophile and have a pretty low pricerange. E5 + converter sounds like a good pricerange.

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The E1 is a good device, but if you don't really care about the playback controls on the E1 and are okay with the cost of of a E5 plus a LOD cable, then that might be a better choice for you.


A FiiO L1 or L3 LOD cable would work really well with the E5.



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I got one just for kicks. Not bad. The best thing it does is gets rid of the sibilance that I couldn't stand with my 3G Ipod touch. With the RE0's the soundstage also improves a bit, as does the bass. Nothing groundbreaking, but definitely worth the 20 bucks. I also find the little remote very useful.


I made the cable shorter like described in the thread. Just make sure you solder the wires to the right pads. I believe the colors are, from left to right, red/copper/blue/red with blue/ red with copper/ green. Also, don't forget to put the plastic enclosure thing back on to cable if you took it off before soldering

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I also picked one up for kicks, but MP4 Nation had a sale, so it was $10.83 shipped. Will try it on my Touch, but don't expect it to compete with the T3/LOD I have now. But for $10, why not? Need someone to shorten the cable.

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@t.llzuka , interesting review thanks ,not sure i would want an amp that drains the power from my ipod though 

Originally Posted by T.IIZUKA View Post

I purchased Fiio E1.
Fiio E1 is the head phone amplifier which supplies power source from iPod. Whether just which has an influence on the playback time of iPod it tested.

iPod mini Music playback time: 21 hour 40 minute 11 seconds +α (it fell in the middle of the following tune)

iPod mini + Fiio E1 playback time: 17 hour 25 minute 12 seconds +α(it fell in the middle of the following tune)

discrepancy score: 4 hour 15 minutes

There is the influence with power source supplying in Fiio E1 certainly.
But they are not considerable ones.

It is the special test, continual playback.
Usually, you probably will use intermittently.
If it is intermittent utilization, difference that is thought whether it is not it is reduced.
I think that it is the excellent result.

iPod mini pink (32GB-CF, New Battery)
iPod setting;
Back light timer of 10 seconds.
LCD contrast default.

Playback music: "The Beatles In Mono"
File format iTunes Plus (AAC/256kbps/VBR).
All the 213 tunes, 9h 37m 46s, the play list of 1.03GB repeat playback.

Use headphone: GRADO SR80 (32ohm)

It publishes details to also My Blog. (Only Japanese)
TableTop Audio

The title was changed to the general purpose.
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Oh, I was very wrong about my last post in here. I do mean what is the opamp inside the Fiio E1 instead of the Line Out Dock (LOD). Could anyone tell me please?

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Can the fiio e1 Fully power the RE0's?(to reach their max sq)

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Hi IDK,i dont have the RE0's,but my E1 and E5 can drive a loud volume my Dt880 2005 ed.

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I finally ordered a E1 from MP4 Nation on 08/15 , still waiting for it to arrive , ill post my opinion on it next week , i know it will make the sound from my portapro better out of my Ipod Touch but what i am really interested in seeing , well hearing , its how much of a difference will it make on my PXC 250 , since they are 300 ohms they sound so low on my ipod touch , but to tell you the truth when i am in a quiet room and listen to the PXC250 i can clearly hear that they sound a lot better than the Portapro , i am anxious to see how will they sound with the E1

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